The Girl

My husband had his first week of driving back in to the office full time (mostly — he gets Fridays at home) last Monday. After 8+ years of working from home, this is a big change. He has added 3 hours a day to his schedule with the commute, which sucks, but at least he still has a job. Some of the other work from home folks that lived further out were let go. It’s funny how productive I was last week when he was gone. I can get more done in a few hours by myself than I can get done in two or three days with him being under me.

Baby Girl is having a hard time adjusting to the change, and she was hell to deal with last week. I think that is why she acted up so bad last week, anyway. Typically she doesn’t do well with changes to her routine at all, and this is a big one, so it’s probably safe to assume that caused her behavioral issues. Her meltdowns were worse than ever. One morning in the car, she was screaming at the top of her lungs over something — it was minor, but I can’t remember what — and started kicking the back of my seat as hard as she could and called me a stupid idiot. What the absolute fuck? And the thing is, she feels so bad about it and starts calling herself mean and a bad girl, and then gets more upset because she feels bad about herself. She’ll scream, “I want to be a nice girl” over and over. It’s frustrating as hell, but breaks my heart at the same time.

She had her appointments with the occupational therapist and speech therapist yesterday. The OT does think she has sensory processing issues, but didn’t really elaborate on much. She also noted that she is being in her physical development (motor skills, plus she still can’t get around much on her tricycle and runs a lot like a toddler still). She will start OT in a couple of weeks. The speech therapist also noted some issues she has and she’ll start that in a couple of weeks as well.

They both said that if she had another year before kindergarten, that they felt she would catch up on her own. Just last week, her teacher and the preschool director were saying something about not being sure if she would be ready for kindergarten yet and that she might benefit from another year of preschool if something doesn’t change in the next few months. She’s a very bright kid (the teacher and therapists both commented that she is ahead in a lot of ways academically), but really behind in the other stuff. And then there is the behavioral stuff, and she won’t have an appointment for that until late December.

We have no problem letting her repeat 4K if needed, as long as it won’t be an issue with our state. They will let you sign a waiver to opt out of 5K, but are unclear on whether they will let them go to 5K the following year or make them go straight to first grade. We’ll need to call around and find out more. I don’t want her going straight to first grade. Worst case scenario, I guess, it we would put her in private school for 5K and switch her over to public first grade the following year.


6 thoughts on “The Girl

  1. Congrats on getting the book on the verge of release! Something to be proud of.

    Going back to the office after working from home so long has to be a hard transition, I can only imagine. I only work from home 2 days a week and then only when I know I’m there alone, so it’s not regular.

    My daughter has routine change issues too and I hope it gets better for BG. It sucks to see them break down then get upset at being upset…. Being a parent is hard stuff!

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  2. I’m so glad you’re thinking long term. You have to ‘hold her back’ before the mandated enrollment. Lots of kids need another year and the earlier, the better. You’re great parents and it sounds like the staff is supportive and thoughtful, so I’m sure you’ll make the right decisions.
    Not being able to express feelings is hard on all parties, and it breaks my heart for y’all, too. I am glad she HAS verbal expression, even if it comes with physical expression, that’s half the battle.
    Change is hard.

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    • At first we thought, “Well 10 months (next August) is a lot of time to progress” but I then realized they start registration in late January, so it’s going to come up quickly. Hopefully as we work on the sensory stuff some of the other issues won’t be as tough on her!

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