Here Comes The Sun

No more rain! We lucked out — outside of some wind that knocked down branches and power for some people, we weren’t affected by it much. A couple buildings in our town were sorta flooded (like a couple inches inside), but that’s it. We really did luck out, because the towns 10 miles east and northeast of us got over 15 inches. Huge chunks of roads were washed away, buildings super flooded, a few deaths in those areas. Really bad.

Hopefully SC (well, everywhere of course) will luck out the rest of the hurricane season.

On to other things…

We got a new pediatrician for Baby Girl. She’s an NP and absolutely amazing with her. She spent so much time interacting with her and going over things with us. (And now we feel guilty for keeping her with the family PA for so long.) She said she thinks she likely has sensory processing disorder, too, and has some concerns about her development, so she now has referrals to an occupational therapist, speech therapist, and a developmental pediatrician. This will all take a few months, but I’m glad the ball is rolling in the right direction!

I found a new psychiatrist, so yay, no more dealing with the unprofessional office. I had a hard time finding someone (I prefer a female), since so many private practices within a couple of hours from me won’t take insurance anymore, and the ones part of the corporate groups require you to see a PCP within their group. I did find a male doc with fantastic reviews, and he had a cancellation so I was able to see him (before the ER visit last week). He made a great first impression, too. He did agree with the previous psychiatrist about the diagnosis and meds. He said bipolar patients were his favorite, because so many have their meds mismanaged that it affects their quality of life. Interesting.

Little Man has made it through almost a month of school with no issues, outside of a difficult girl in his class. (Picture Angela from The Office.) He started telling her that he can’t hear her when she’s yelling or speaking in a rude tone, and she dialed things down. He told me last week that he’s using positive reinforcement with her. When she acts nice that day, he does something nice for her (like stack her chair or put her book away) to reward her. He’s quite pleased with himself that it’s going so well.

Also, no issues with the bully kid. LM said after the first couple of weeks, he straightened up with the teachers for the most part. Little Man started playing Fortnite with a friend from school a couple weeks ago, and the bully got his username and sent him a friend request. LM asked if he should accept it. I told him it was up to him. I thought maybe the kid wanted to try to be friends, and told him we’d keep a close eye on things if he accepted. He did, and they’ve played online a lot over the past week and have chatted, no issues at all. I’ll continue to monitor that, but hopefully that means the kid has made a 180. We’ll see.

LM’s first few play performances went well. The others got canceled because of the hurricane. The day before LM’s first performance, he did something so bad on stage that absolutely horrified me, but nearly made me pee my pants laughing after he explained what happened.

He was wearing overalls, and I noticed him stuff both hands down the front and start fiddling around with his crotch. It was very obvious, thrusting about. I was thinking, OMFG, what is he doing?! Is he going to be like that creepy guy from Sons of Anarchy?ย And then this happened:

Basically that without the trench coat. He stuck his finger out the front, which wasn’t zipped. A few minutes later, he stopped. When we got in the car, I asked him what the heck was going on.

“I looked down and saw that I forgot to zip my overalls. I didn’t want anyone to think I was touching myself there, so I tried to be discreet and zip up my pants from the inside, but that was really hard to do!”

I laughed so hard I had tears going down my cheeks. I broke it to him that is EXACTLY what it looked like he was doing for a good five minutes. I also told him that I saw the finger poke out and what it looked like. Thankfully he was able to laugh at himself. I told him from now on, either turn to the side and adjust yourself or just let it be, because no one is really gonna notice a zipper that isn’t up all the way, but they would DEFINITELY notice what he was doing. Little boys!


9 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun

  1. I am watching The Office as my nigh-nigh show now. I LOL
    Glad BG is gonna get some good therapy and am very pleased you have a new head dude.
    I am thrilled, just clap my hands, praise be to puppies THRILLED LM is training the rudeness out of lil miss thang.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad you made through Florence unscathed. We’re getting a bit of rain and wind from it now. Also glad things are good on the health front. Great news about getting the ball rolling for BG and yourself. And that story about LM is hilarious! One to remember for his wedding day! That’s pretty cool that the “bully” wants to be Fortnite friends. Perhaps with their shared interest he won’t be a problem… Good luck!

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    • I saw that remnants of Florence are forming back into another storm. Hopefully it stays out at sea!

      He actually wanted me to doodle that story. I was like, I’m pretty sure that’s not something you would want posted online in a few years, lol!

      Hopefully! It has been a relief for him not to have to deal with any BS so far this year.

      Hope you guys are doing well!


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