The Sun Is Green

Husband: “The sun is green.”

Me: “No it isn’t; it’s yellow.”

Husband: “No it’s not, it’s GREEN. Take a look outside, and you can see that it’s green for yourself.”

<checks to make sure I’m not living in a bizarro world where the sun is green now>

Me: I checked, it’s yellow. Why do you keep saying it’s green?”

Husband: I don’t know what your problem is. We have a green sun, and that’s that.

Me: The sun has NEVER been green. And unless “green” means “yellow” now, it’s not green.”

Husband: Hmm…


Husband: The sun IS yellow. But you knew what I meant.

Me: No, you said the sun is green. You insisted that the sun is green multiple times.

Husband: But you should have known what I meant. Obviously I don’t think the sun is green.

Me: But you said “green.” Words have meanings, you know.

Husband: Well, sometimes I use words wrong, but you should know what I really mean. Of course I don’t think the sun is green.

<I stroke out>


While we haven’t actually discussed the sun’s color, this example is the root of many of our disagreements, and it drives me nuts! I am not, nor have I ever been, a mind reader.


14 thoughts on “The Sun Is Green

  1. What on earth was he going on about? Is the sun green? Clouds were making the sun green? Maybe the sky is green and it was giving the sun a green hue. This is hurting my brain. Why would he say that?


  2. Dude. Use your words. Whenever possible, the right words. As if.

    Mine swears he told me things he never told me. It’s his thing. We’ve been married a long time, and I sometimes wonder if I should start telling him I’ve already told him and see how he likes it. He lies, E. He lies. He thinks the things, he maybe even tells other people, he does not tell me. LOL

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