Officially A Member Of The Anxious Person’s Mile High Club

So, Hurricane Florence is knocking on my doorstep right now. We live inland in SC, but we’re still in the zone to get up more than a foot of rain over the next few days, heavy wind gusts, flash floods, etc. Right now, we’re not getting any rain yet, but the fir trees out front have been as horizontal to the ground as they can be without snapping. Friends in the town have reported power outages and fallen limbs. And that’s before the damn thing gets here. At least we aren’t on the coast, though, the storm surge is insane.

It has been a hectic few days. Well, it’s been a hectic bunch of weeks, but the past few days have been especially hectic with all of the hurricane prep. At first we didn’t think we would see much from the hurricane, but then it decided to curve, so we’ve been trying to get ready. We have a very small generator, plenty of fuel, candles, batteries, flash lights, propane for a small camper stove, and charcoal for the grill. Plenty of food. As long as the generator doesn’t crap out, we can alternate powering the fridge and the small mobile air conditioner unit (and anything else that needs it), so we’re in a better position than many.

But damn, the stress of the past few days and the past weeks, and the point of this post.

Prior to Wednesday, I had felt on edge constantly, and my chest had been tight and painful for the past couple of days. I figured it was run-of-the-mill anxiety, which hasn’t really been a problem lately otherwise), but with the hurricane and stuff looming, I guess it’s understandable. On Wednesday evening, my left arm started hurting so badly in the upper part that I couldn’t lift a gallon of milk. It was fucking bizarre, as it came on very suddenly and I wasn’t doing anything strenuous. I told my husband, and he said, “Well, as long as you aren’t having chest pain, you should be fine for now…”


I told him that I had been having chest pain, but that I was pretty sure it was just anxiety. He freaked out and wanted me to go to the ER immediately. I took some aspirin and a klonopin and said I’d see how it felt after an hour, and he paced around the house, called his mom and tried to get her to talk me into going to the hospital (apparently she had the same symptoms before her heart attack). After the hour passed, it wasn’t any better, so after some more back and forth, I agreed to go in.

My heart was fine, of course. I had a bunch of tests run, and they all came back clean, except for my white blood cell count, which is always a bit high anyway. The doctor said the heart part had to be anxiety, but he was at a loss for what caused my arm to go haywire. The pain did go away after a few hours, and some shoulder achiness aside, it’s fine now. It’s just so weird.

I’ve had many panic and anxiety attacks in the past, but none that have landed me in the hospital, despite being convinced I was having a heart attack. Thankfully I have already reached my out-of-pocket max for the year, so I won’t have to pay anything. Heaven forbid I ever really do have a heart attack one day, because I highly doubt I’ll trust my body enough thanks to this stupid anxiety to go in.


19 thoughts on “Officially A Member Of The Anxious Person’s Mile High Club

  1. Oh geez. I totally understand the whole “it’s just stress/anxiety” thing about the chest/arm pain. Been there, done that, haven’t gone to the hospital. You were right to go to the hospital!!!! Glad you are prepared for the storm, it is amazing how much damage can be done further inland, we all hope that that doesn’t happen. ♥

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  2. Your life the last few days sounds a lot like ours. I ended up taking Krystal to the ER in the middle of the night with what we thought was a heart attack. Turned about to be acute bronchiospasms. Then we had to say goodbye to our beloved elderly cat, but I’m convinced he saved our lives. Because he was no longer with us we felt okay about evacuating New Bern due to Florence.

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  3. Stay safe! I am sorry that us Virginians seemed to have detoured Florence with our never ending meme war telling it to go away 🤣 but no really stay safe!

    We are out of major impact and now just expecting rain and heavy wind.

    Have you checked your potassium levels? My muscles do something similar where I can’t lift something or anything and it’s usually due to low potassium. But I’m glad it doesn’t seem to be anything more serious. It could also be anxiety and stress just messing with your body.

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    • Those memes have been so hilarious! This bastard storm might be delivering on rain, but it definitely delivered meme-wise, too. I’m glad y’all are out of it!

      I’m not sure if they have checked that before, but I’ll ask. When yours does that, does it just last a few hours?

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  4. I feel for you and your family. The sitting and the waiting is the worst part of hurricane season. And it seems like stalls to a grinding halt, because everyone is just waiting to see where the blasted thing is going. I hope you feel better, and I am sorry you had to add going to the ER as an additional stressor to your list of stressors! Hope Florence just goes on her merry way and leaves you guys alone!! By the way, could you please send some of that rain our way?

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    • It’s a pain in the butt. Luckily we don’t see much from hurricanes most years! Well, the weather man now says we may see up to almost three freaking feet of rain in my area, so I’m sure we will have plenty to spare!

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  5. Valid. I’ve been three times strapped to the EKG, worried it’s my heart, and three times, it’s been anxiety. The Mister used to pooh-pooh me and then guess what? He had a panic attack and went to the hospital. He gets me now.
    I agree, it’s too expensive to be safe and too dangerous to ignore symptoms. I have said that before myself.
    I have issues you probably don’t have, but I have MANY, MANY times, lay down to see if it helps. Try that next time. Benzo or not. See if you lay down and feel better in 30 or so minutes. And remember, whatever causes anxiety is stress, and when it’s chest pains, you can’t run, so you gotta combat that with a nice lie down. Maybe a book, a few episodes of The Office, a lil snuggle with Bilbo. I just did that Wednesday. Got a bit tight and blips of spasm, very unpleasant. I lay down and I was fine the rest of the night. Decompression.
    Also, take a multi, and ask your dr what you can add.

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    • I’ll try that next time. It didn’t help that it was so close to the kids’ bedtimes. I imagine if I had waited another hour, the arm pain would’ve gone away and the heart part wouldn’t have mattered, but I so didn’t want to have to drag them out of bed if we did have to leave. Too bad they don’t sell personal EKG machines or the blood tests that show if you’ve got that enzyme in your blood.

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