804 Words

The boy’s first week of school is almost over. It has mostly been uneventful, which is a blessing.

He likes the new teacher. They clicked (as did we, the adults) at the Open House. We were all talking about the story LM’s play is based on, and it was nice to actually talk to an adult about lit for a little  bit. It was brief, but I haven’t had that since graduating college, so it was nice. (My husband is the “reads one or two books a year” kind of guy, with one of those books being the same one every year.) And my little guy was chiming in with his thoughts on a high school level story as well, which was cool. Good first impressions were made all around.

Not so much for the bully. He was extremely rude to the teacher during Open House. Per Little Man, he has gotten in trouble every single day for being rude to the teachers. Even flipped off one of the enrichment teachers and got threatened to be sent to the principal’s office. Good lord. Obviously I can’t let whatever problems he’s having take priority over LM’s well-being, but still, I wonder what the hell is causing a kid to act out like that. Teacher stuff aside, he hasn’t spoken to Little Man, so that’s a damn good thing.

Baby Girl will start 4K in a couple of weeks. That’s right, 4K. I know some of y’all have been following this blog since she was just a few months old, so let the whole 4K thing sink in.

As much as I miss having LM here, I’ve really enjoyed having time alone with BG. We’ve read book after book after book, played all the games, plus have been working on the typical preschooler skills — writing letters, super basic math, and stuff like rhyming/opposites/five senses. Working with her is…interesting. She often refuses to answer questions herself (or at all), but will sometimes allow one of her 10 stuffed animals provide the answer or draw the shape or whatever. I’m sure her new teacher will be testing her early on to see what skills she’s already mastered and what she needs to work on, so I wonder if she’ll have a stuffed animal or other toy answer for her at preschool. Hee hee.

It’s funny, when I have one of those kids all to myself, they’re perfect little angels. Seriously. But when they’re together, whew, it’s like they bring out the worst in each other. Random thought.

We had a bit of bad news last week. After working at home for the better part of 10 years, my husband is getting called back into the office. Now three hours worth of commute time will be added to his day. That’s upsetting, but we’re both trying to appreciate that he has gotten in a shit ton of extra time with the kids. By my calculations, he’s gotten to spend an extra 6500 hours at home over the years. That’s almost 270 full days of extra time he’s gotten with his family.

Things will definitely change now, but there will be some silver linings. He’ll have more opportunities for advancement at work since he’ll be able to network better and stuff like that. And I’ll probably get more done around here. I usually did on the rare days he had to drive in. I don’t know why I am more productive when I am down an adult, but I am. Since I have a ton of writing projects I’m working on right now, I can use all the extra productivity I can get.

And speaking of writing, good lord. My brain was shit at creative writing for years. I had lots of ideas, but developing them just didn’t happen for the most part. I’d always have a run of days here and there when I’d write a lot of stuff, but otherwise, getting the words to flow was difficult. The past couple of months have been amazing as far as creative writing goes. Focusing on one project at a time hasn’t been easy, with ideas coming in left and right, but still! I can’t remember a time in my life when I’ve written more or have been as driven as I am right now to accomplish some of my writing goals. I don’t know what will come of it all, but for the first time in my life, at least I can say that I gave my best effort at making something happen.

Remember the commercials “This is your brain on drugs?” Maybe some version of that applies, only “This is your brain off depression.” knockonwoodknockonwoodknockonwood

(By the way…coming up with a title for these all over the place posts is a pain, so I’m going by word count, for this one at least.)


11 thoughts on “804 Words

  1. so glad LM is settling in ok at school. wow bg is growing up fast! I remember her at only a few months old! sorry hubby has to go in to the office now, but hoping it wont be too bad for you and the kids! good job on the writing, well done on getting so much accomplished!

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    • It makes me so sad, knowing how quickly she has grown up! But that’s how it goes and I’m pretty sure my husband wouldn’t let me have another baby (which is what I did when LM was ready to start school. Thanks!!

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  2. I guess with all that commuting your husband will be down to 1 book a year 🙂
    I’m glad the bully is leaving LM alone, and since he’s acting out with the teachers it really shows the school he’s disruptive. Maybe they will be able to help him.
    Sorry to keep asking you these things, but what is the “4K” that BG will be starting?

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    • Haha, maybe I can talk him into doing some of the audible books so we can discuss. He could do 2 per week easily.

      I hope so. He hasn’t always been that difficult, and I really think something has to be going on to start off the year that way.

      4-year-old kindergarten. It’s part of preschool. Next year she’ll start regular kindergarten and go through grades 1 through 12.

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  3. I’m glad Bully and Lil Man aren’t coming to blows and I am glad LM shines brightly in conversation. (Of course)
    I DO wonder what’s goin on in Bully’s life. I am concerned.

    Lil Miss in 4k. Well, well, well 🙂

    I am serious when I say this, serious as can be — When I was a SAHM and my husband was home, I struggled to do anything, feeling like I should be with him tons and tons. It faded over time, and now I work, but it never went away. I wonder if they cue our brains to relax?

    I am so glad this time finds you evading more depressive times ❤

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    • I hope with getting a full time guidance counselor at the school again, that they’ll be able to pay closer attention to the kid. I know things can be hectic in the first week with adjusting, but that behavior is concerning even for him.

      Maybe so! Before he started working from home, his coming home from work always meant time to do a whole bunch of nothing.

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  4. Lovely to catch up with you again. I always enjoy reading about what the kids are up to!

    I’ve also caught the writing bug again recently but am having trouble concentrating on one thing at a time and separating out my ideas. Like you, I need time to myself to allow me to focus and concentrate!

    Best wishes, x

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