The Talk Part 2

Remember how I had The Talk with the boy back in May? Well, he had another question. As luck would have it, he approached me instead of his dad.

“So, Mommy…remember when we talked about sex? Well, does the man get the woman pregnant by peeing in her?”

Why me?

I guess when I gave him the talk before, I was still a little vague on the whole “fertilizer” bit. (That or his memory is short.) I told him that no peeing was involved and explained about sperm and stuff. Told him how he’d learn more about that when he gets older and goes through puberty. He seemed to understand.

“So basically the man fills the woman with manure?” he asked.

Y’all, I laughed so hard I cried. He was baffled at my reaction.

“Why is that funny? From what you said, that is exactly what sperm is — manure. You know, fertilizer.”

I knew, of course, but I have never, ever heard someone referring to filling a woman with manure, and I hope I never will again. At least he didn’t talk about his testicles being manure shooting cannons, though.


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