The One Where I Write Words

Dear readers, it’s been almost two weeks since my last post.

Eh, that’s nothing considering the several months long break I took last year.

So, what’s new my way? For starters, we got the pool open. And when I say “we,” I mean my husband. He had to replace the liner, which was a time consuming job, but now it’s open and it has been swam in by at least one of us almost every day. The only way hanging onto a pool noodle could be better is if I added rum to the equation, but between not wanting to drink while I’m supervising children in a pool and not wanting to aggravate my stomach, I’ve passed on that so far.

We’ve also gone to Carowinds (an amusement park with lots of roller coasters) a couple of times. We bought season passes, so we can go as often as we want on the days we’re willing to make the hour long drive. I didn’t ride much with Little Man when we went this past Sunday, as my week+ long migraine had just finally ended the day before, but I did get on one called Ricochet, and I regretted that immediately.

Riding this was accidental. That sounds weird, because how do you accidentally ride a roller coaster, but it was. I waited in line with the boy and had planned the cross the seats and wait at the exit when one of the attendants took my drink out of my hand (he assumed I was coming out to put it to the side), so I was left with two choices: take it back and feel awkward (because I’m me) or ride the ride. I rode. That thing was so freaking jerky, as you can probably tell from the picture. I was very concerned about us tipping over the side. Every curve was met with an “Oh Jesus!” much to the amusement of LM and the two kids in front of us.

Shortly thereafter, LM wanted to ride another roller coaster, so I planned to wait in line with him, but fell and busted my knee on the edge of the cement steps, so we left. Yay, me, always hurting myself. The way this summer is going, I’ll be in a cast before it’s over.

So, Little Man’s ADHD medicine still seems to be working. It’s probably hard to tell just how well it’s working since he isn’t in school, but I can tell a huge difference at home. It’s like he’s hyper focused on everything. He had the tendency to get hyper focused on things in the past, but only things he was super into. Now he’s hyper focused on any task I throw his way, including reading a 50-page play in one sitting yesterday in preparation for practice later this week. His appetite was down at first, but he seems to be eating normally now. He also acted rather irritable and snappy for a few days, too, but that’s over.

Baby Girl is…Baby Girl. She’ll get a post all of her own, where I’ll talk about her non-cutesy stuff and rehash things. Spoiler alert: pretty sure we’re going to ask for a referral to a pediatric behavioralist at her well child visit. As far as cutesy stuff goes, she has changed her name again. She changed it to Miguel from Coco a couple months ago (and that got some weird looks when she told people her name), but then it became Violet from The Incredibles last week and now it’s Dash. It’s mostly cute, until she has a total shit fit over calling her by her given name. (By the way, I’m Elastigirl and her dad is Mr. Incredible. I guess that works since I have hypermobile joints and my husband is pretty awesome.)

By the way — I learned something new about migraines. I had a follow-up appointment about something non-migraine related with my PCP this week, and I mentioned the lengthy migraine, which I was concerned wasn’t normal. She said it was and advised me to stop taking migraine medications with Tylenol in them. She said with some people it can cause rebound migraines, so that makes sense. Sharing the newfound knowledge for those who get them.

What’s new in y’all’s world?


9 thoughts on “The One Where I Write Words

  1. I’ve ridden a terrifying, teeth shattering, rollercoaster accidentally too. It was at the end of the country show and the kids and I were the last ones on before it was all packed up. Unfortunately for me, not the kids, the guy running the ride wandered off to have a chat with someone and let us go around and around and around and around……. yeah I was crying by the end of it. Kids thought it was hilarious. It was NOT 🙂


  2. We have Kiddo on Vyvanse during the school year for his ADHD. We do not medicate him during the summer/breaks unless it’s major travel – his appetite is seriously lessened on his meds so we use summer to get a little weight on him.

    Rollercoasters are a serious no for me. You were a good sport about it. 😊

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    • Yikes! Does he take it on the weekends during the school year, too? My son’s provider mentioned skipping weekends after we see how he does on it, in case his appetite was affected.


      • I should mention that we don’t give his meds on the weekend. Sorry, I’m still in summer mode.

        We have tried to adjust to work with the meds. He has a granola bar or such on the way to school and has time to eat breakfast there as well. He has snacks (fruit, peanut butter crackers, etc) after school. We eat together as a family at dinner but he usually has a peanut butter sandwich or something as a second small dinner. I know that he rarely eats much lunch. That is part meds and partly his desire to be social at an appropriate time.

        His meds are essentially out of his system by dinner. Most days they linger enough to get us through homework. He is very restless at night so with his pedi’s support we give him a 3mg melatonin on days he is medicated.

        I’d keep an eye on it and he should be having regular checkups to monitor side effects like weight loss.


  3. Rebound headaches are no joke 😦
    I used to LOOoooove roller coasters. And then I didn’t. And now I wouldn’t even give it a go. Vertigo!
    I’m glad LM is doin well on his new med.

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  4. I love roller coasters! I think the scariest one I ever rode was a “kiddie” roller coaster. It went 1 car at a time with 4 people per car. There crazy sharp turns and dips and none of it was banked so it seriously looked and felt like the whole car was going drive right off the edge. I’m curious to hear about BG!

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    • That’s exactly how Ricochet is! It’s just awful. Maybe I would’ve enjoyed it as a kid, but definitely not now. Even though I get nervous on some of the big roller coasters now, I’d still ride them anytime over that thing.

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