SoCS: Cheers

Cheers! I automatically thought of having adult beverages when I saw the prompt. I’m hoping my husband gets our pool ready this weekend, because I’d love to have a drink while floating around in the water.

That pool has been the bane of my husband’s existence. Every single year, something goes wrong, and that something always costs at least $300. This year it was a hose. And then another hose. And then the liner. (Someone wanted $800 to replace the damn liner, so my husband is handling it.) He’s installing it now, so it’ll be at least tomorrow — July 1 — before we get to enjoy it. We got an above ground pool the spring before we had Baby Girl. We weren’t going to be able to do a vacation that summer, since we’d have a newborn, and I wanted LM to have some fun, so we bought a really nice above ground pool and built a deck around it. The whole thing set us back $7000, and it so has not been worth it. My dad told us not to get one, because it’d be a pain in the ass, but he likes telling everyone what to do in general, so we didn’t listen to him. For once I regret that. Should’ve bought one of the cheap ones for $300 and even if it lasted only one summer, that’d only be what we spend on stuff that breaks every year.

Cheers. Now I really want a drink after getting annoyed thinking about that.

Sadly, I do not enjoy adult beverages as often as I used to anymore. My stomach can’t take it. It all started when I was about 30 or 31. After having a drink or two, I’d start hurting really bad in my stomach, break out into a sweat, and feel nauseous. Now, I knew it wasn’t from having too many, so it wasn’t that type of sick. After a while, it would subside and I’d be good to go. This only happened once in a while.

Fast forward to the past year. I’ve only been able to enjoy drinks a couple of times without that happening. That should probably deter me from having any, but dammit, I like some fruity rum drinks! (I usually only attempt to have them once in a while, on special occasions now, like vacation or get-togethers with friends or something. The pool would definitely be a special occasion, considering how long it has taken to open it.) The sickies don’t subside quickly like they used, too, either. Full on throwing up and having to take my ass home and go to bed.

That’s one way being over 30 sucks. All of my friends complain about ferocious heartburn and stuff after having drinks, too, and that stuff never happened in our 20s. Pretty soon our get-togethers will be just playing board games and chatting. That’s mostly what we do now, though, just with drinks. Aren’t y’all just dying to hang out with us exciting folks?

How I miss my 20s. None of the yuckies from drinking (unless it was too much), my joints didn’t bother me so much, and I didn’t have this stupid sun spot under my eye. Sigh. The good ol’ days.

(When I’m in my 40s, I wonder what I’ll be looking back fondly at my 30s over? “How I miss my 30s. No gray hairs, no…hmm, I can’t think of anything else that would be annoying in my 40s. Aside from having teenagers, maybe.)


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14 thoughts on “SoCS: Cheers

  1. I’m similar to that with alcohol, but always have been. Have you seen the rheumatologist yet? I’m curious.
    I am not much of a pool person, cause I grew up with more lakes and frequent oceans. My pool costs me roughly $11 a month and in the summer, I have the choice of two pools — one inside and one out 😉 My pool pass is also good at the gym 😉 I reckon I can go to my pool every day for the rest of my life without spending $7000, but I do have to drive there, and I’m not much of a pool person, I just love to swim. LOL
    My dad said we never should have built our house in Noblesville. He was right. He was also too damn polite to tell us BEFORE we built it 😛 Hah! Damn shame.


    • I did…last year or the year before. They said that I didn’t test positive for the antibodies, but that the test that checks some sort of protein that has to do with inflammation was elevated but not as high as they’d expect for RA, and to retest later. (Hopefully I’m remembering those test rights.)

      Yikes! We’ve been there with the house regrets. We bought one just after we got married at the peak of the market, then needed to sell a couple years later. In 2008, ugh. Sooooo many financial mistakes! We should’ve just waited and did in ground pool, the costs skyrocketed so much from what we initially thought it would be. That’s funny about your dad, though! Probably not as funny at the time 😁

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      • When we bought our next home, my Dad said, “This is the kind of house you should have ought the first time!” Gah. The joys of non-meddling parents 😛

        Here, the in-ground pools lower property value. :/

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      • My house-buying habits were all guided by my first wife and due to divorce and bad decision-making I ended up filing bankruptcy twice. I never even had a chance to for the market to hurt me…

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  2. Everything gets so much better the older you get. Honestly! You look better, feel better, all your problems disappear, everything is marvelous! You’ll wonder how you made it out of the 30s. [you do know about me and my sarcasm font, right?] CHEERS!

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  3. I think I’m able to enjoy my wine due to the fact that I always had it (unless pregnant). My body is sadly used to it. Vodka, however, is NOT my friend.
    I don’t ever feel in my 40’s unless I start reeeeeeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy looking hard. I moisturize like crazy now. I go to bed looking like a greased pig. But it helps.

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