Batting .500

So, obviously I did not finish the A to Z Challenge on this blog. I completed a little over half of it and then fizzled out. I did finish it on the other blog, so batting .500 for the challenge isn’t too bad.

Two more weeks of school for Baby Girl.

Four more weeks for Little Man.

C’mon, end of the school year — stop dragging your ass and get here!

I’m going to do a bit of my randomness here and then catch up on some blog reading.

Saw the new Avengers film on Sunday. I was not a fan. That may be because I was totally caught off-guard with everything (I hadn’t read anything about the movie and only knew that Thanos was coming), so a second viewing may be in order. It did make me want to watch Dr. Strange, though. And it made me want to get as far away from the Guardians of the Galaxy as possible. (Most of the characters were interesting, but Star Lord was so fucking annoying that I’m not sure I’ll ever watch that.) It also reaffirmed my belief that Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man EVER.

I talked to Little Man’s teacher last week about the issues he’s been having. She knew there were some problems with those kids, but didn’t realize the extent of it with LM, so she’s on that now. She talked about a plan she has to break apart the clique, try to develop more compassion with them, and get the kids to treat each other decently (apparently LM isn’t the only one with issues with that group) by the end of the year. She’s throwing a Hail Mary, and hopefully it’ll work. He felt better after talking it out with her and said that the ring leader didn’t utter a word to him the past two school days, so maybe she had words with him.

Baby Girl had one of the best weeks that she’s had in a long time. Her tantrums decreased a lot, so hopefully that’ll continue. *Excuse me while I go knock on the biggest fucking piece of wood ever.* She also stopped biting her fingernails and grew them out enough for me to trim, so we’re going to Chuck E. Cheese sometime this week as a treat. Oh! And she tried three new foods on her own this past week. If it weren’t for her telling LM in the sweetest voice ever, “I really don’t even like you a little bit, so please go sit away from me” yesterday while she was eating, I’d think she was possessed.

We also booked a bounce house place for her birthday party, which is at the end of next month. Yes, next month. So long toddlerhood (even if you do still walk and run very much like one).

I’ve got a question for you guys — anyone have suggestions for good books to read? I’m thinking ahead to getting a few titles to take on our vacation.


4 thoughts on “Batting .500

  1. Lots of good news! Well done on BG stopping biting her fingernails. After nearly 50 years I still bite mine 🙂
    You did really well attempting the challenge on two blogs simultaneously.

    Liked by 1 person

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