S, T, U, and V are for…Nope

Smelly Turds, Ugly Vaginas?

Slack Tyrant Undermines Vagrant?

Nah, even I’m not skilled enough to pull something out of my ass for this catch up post. Unless you guys want me to do Smelly Turds, Ugly Vaginas, anyway. In which case, I could find some pictures on Google, share them, and possibly get my site shut down by WordPress.

I’m close to needing a people break. Sometimes it seems like everyone’s issues and drama just happen at the same time, and it’s hard to handle. I’d love to disconnect my phone, shut off my cell phone, and turn off the computer, making it impossible for anyone other than the people living in my house to get in touch with me for a full week. (Of course most of them live within 10 minutes and could pop in, so I’d have to build a moat, too.)

The boy is having a hard time in school. His former best friend really screwed him over in an effort to get other kids to stop picking on him. He started giving Little Man shit constantly to make himself look cool and get laughs out of the other kids. LM knew what he was doing and why and ignored it because he felt bad for him. Letting it slide ended up being the wrong move, since a clique of sorts has formed and now the kids that were giving the former friend shit are all piling in on LM.

I have a meeting with his teacher tomorrow. We’re thinking about moving him back to a regular school next year, for his last year of elementary school. We had been kicking the idea around already — it’d be nice for him to get used to being in a regular classroom and make some friends before middle school (he won’t go to the same middle school as the kids in his current school). Between finding out that the amazeballs teacher he was supposed to have next year is leaving and this thing, we’re leaning towards moving. We’re well aware that this shit happens everywhere, but it’d probably be a little easier on him to not be stuck with the same 15 people, with no options to form new friendships.

Four and a half weeks of school left for LM. Two and a half for Baby Girl. The Monday after he gets out, we’re going on a cruise. It’s going to be interesting to see how BG does. She goes from pretending like she’s in “The ‘Hamas” to talking about being too scared to go on a boat and how she’s gonna stay in the room the whole time. Girl, we’ve got an interior room, a very limited Internet connection, and no cable…we ain’t staying in that room outside of sleeping hours.

I booked a couple of excursions — snorkeling and a dolphin encounter. LM got to pick, and this is what he went with (after verifying that dolphins couldn’t eat humans if they wanted to). I was kinda hoping he’d go with Atlantis, but I told him he could pick before I read about Atlantis. It’ll just be LM and me for the dolphin thing, so yay for mom-son bonding time.

That’s all I’ve got now. See you guys for W, X, Y, and Z!


4 thoughts on “S, T, U, and V are for…Nope

  1. I am saddened by this scenario with LM.
    I’m with BG, and do not want to get on the boat. I think she is small enough to have a wonderful time and forget her fears. Plus, dolphins!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, getting treated like that is bad enough, but (at least in part) because you were trying to give your friend a pass out of sympathy. Jeez.

      Haha! I think she’ll have a blast, although I can imagine how intimidating it will be at first. We are breaking out the baby carrier (which is good for 45 pounds and she’s only 30) and let my husband wear her on his back as we get on (and other times, I’m sure). Not being crotch level with a million people will probably help.


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