P is for Phone

I’m a happy girl. I upgraded my phone this week — got the iPhone 8.

See how pretty it is?

This phone cost me more than it should have. After my iPhone 6 started crapping out on me, I researched the cost of a new phone and found that the new iPhones were going for $600+. Whoa. Since my last new phone was purchased in 2014, which I paid $150-$200 for, I was shocked. And I was adamant that I wasn’t spending that kind of money on a new phone.

I bought the iPhone SE for about half the price (well, I did the 24 month payment thing), which I tried to convince myself that I liked, but really didn’t. My hands were too cramped texting, and we can’t have that. It also wasn’t pretty, and even though any phone I own will be in a case that prevents me from seeing it in its entirety, we still can’t have that.

So I sucked it up and bought the iPhone 8 on Monday. I paid off the remaining $300 balance on the SE (I’ll get about $200 after I sell it, so I’ll eat $100) and got the new one. Lesson learned: sometimes it’s better to just get the impulse purchase out of the way so it doesn’t end up costing you more in the long run. For a measly $15 per month, I could’ve had what I wanted four months ago. Fuck trying to be a responsible adult.

I bet you anti-iPhone people are hating this post by now. I’ll give you something to make this post worth your time, though.

Do you guys like the word “fuck” as much as I do? And do you get sick and tired of autocorrect changing words to “duck,” “ducking,” or “ducker?” (Or maybe even “motherducker.) If so, here’s the life hack to end all life hacks:

Yep, the entry “fuck, fucking, fucker” is in my contacts list. Why? Because autocorrect recognizes it as being what you meant to type, so it doesn’t change it. (I put “ducking–>fucking” in the dictionary once, but it didn’t help the “fuck” situation.) And, yep, I typed this post late last night. Sleep and I are still mortal enemies.

Go ahead and update your contacts list and do a test text. I’ll wait.




Now how awesome is that?


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