‘G’ is for Grrr…

Just a day late this time. Today I’m writing about things that have made me go “Grrrr…” lately. 

My antenna. We don’t have cable, and my antenna keeps screwing up. We’re watching the reboot of Roseanne (oh my lord, the politics in that first episode) and Splitting Up Together (Jenna Fischer from The Office is in it, and I was sold with the first episode), and I tried recording it on my Roku TV. My antenna wasn’t compliant though, so last week I had to wait a whole day to watch the shows on Hulu. A WHOLE DAY, y’all. The struggle, amirite?

My blue jeans. I don’t know what the heck is going on with my blue jeans, but for some reason the jeans I have had for a long time are dyeing the tan leather seats in my car blue! I don’t get why jeans that aren’t new are doing this. I ordered a product by the brand Mother and hopefully that will get the ink out.

My dad. Dude, don’t be judging my parenting because my husband took the toddler to the bathroom. Come on.

My son. Dude, don’t be stealing my pillows. Come on. Really, though, last week I was shining the light in my husband’s face and yanking his pillows out from under his head at 2AM, thinking he had pilfered one of my pillows. He hadn’t, but he’s a heavy sleepy, so he wasn’t bothered. And then I went down to my son’s room and found him with my pillow. Nope.

All the stores. They still have Easter chocolate and it’s at 75% off right now. I love Cadbury eggs so much, and I’ve eaten far too many. First it was my birthday, then a vacation, then the holidays, and then post-Valentine’s Day candy sales, and then the Girl Scouts, and then caramel Cadbury eggs were in the store…my willpower has been shit. Sell the chocolate for crying out loud so I don’t have to buy it!

People who can’t do lines. Why can’t people who aren’t children stand in lines properly? The Dollar General near my house tried to remedy the line issue by blocking everything off and putting up a huge sign that says “Line starts here,” pointing at a big black line in the floor to stand behind. AND ADULTS STILL CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO IT. Motherfucker, do not walk through the line exit to the register that was just freed up and say “No one was going.” There were seven people in line. This is how people get stabbed.

What made you go “Grr…” lately?


5 thoughts on “‘G’ is for Grrr…

  1. That denim stain is a problem. I’d take that up with the car manufacturer. Did you Google? Is it happening to everyone? Denim is the most popular fabric in the US, clearly this is a problem. I’ve got a friend who has to clean her white leather desk chair for the same reason, and I’m just like, No, that is not okay.
    Pillow theft is serious. Far more serious than denim stains.

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    • I did, it seems that a lot of people with Toyotas are having this issue. I’ll go by the dealership soon and ask about it. Hopefully they’ll do something. The plastic on the steering wheel (where the controls for the infotainment system are) are also cracking, and it’s not like anyone has been banging on it. Really frustrating that a car only two years old is having those issues.

      Haha true that.


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