‘D, E, and F’ are for “Drama and Equality, FFS”

Ah, just a few days into the challenge and I am already cheating.

Little Man considers himself a feminist. He’s the first to tell Baby Girl that there aren’t boy or girl toys and she can play with whatever she wants, he is still pissed off over a female Star Wars LEGO figure being sold for significantly cheaper than the male figures, and whenever he hears a kid comment “girls can’t ____,” he’ll chew their asses out.

A sign he made around the beginning of the school year. I can’t remember what prompted him to draw this.

So, yeah, he’s very vigilant when it comes to making sure his female counterparts aren’t getting the short end of the stick or whatever.

He always makes for damn sure that girls aren’t getting by with shit just because they’re girls, too. Little Man went on a tirade earlier this year because a girl at school threatened to hit him and he told her to go ahead and that he’d hit her back. Another boy told him he couldn’t hit a girl even if she does hit him, and this did not sit well with our budding feminist. We live about 20 minutes away from his school, so I got to listen to him rant for 20 minutes. (Listening to 20-minute rants is a common occurrence for me.)

Last week, it was rant-time again. There’s a girl in LM’s class that gets under his skin, and he lost his cool when she snatched something out of his hands while they were cleaning up.

As told by Little Man:

“I told her, ‘Hannah, I have HAD it with you. If you didn’t like how I was organizing the [I can’t remember what the hell they were organizing], then all you had to do was ASK for them.’

She didn’t even answer me, so I told her, ‘You know, you are the most EVIL person I know.’ And then Brandon walked up to me and said, ‘LM, you can’t go around calling girls evil!’ And I told him that she shouldn’t act evil all the time, then. And Brandon told me, ‘But she’s a GIRL! You can’t say bad things about girls, don’t you know that?’

Can you believe that, Mom? He said you can’t say bad things about GIRLS?! I told him, ‘Brandon, haven’t you ever heard of EQUALITY? Boys and girls are EQUAL to each other. So I can say bad things about Hannah just like I can say bad things about you, so stop interfering in my business before I tell you what I think about you, too.

And then Brandon told me, ‘LM, I wasn’t interfering in your business, I was just stepping in to tell you not to call Hannah evil.’ I just had to shake my head, Mom.

Oh my lord, the drama. For fucks sake (FFS, so I get my word in).


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