‘A’ is for Annoying

You know how I talk about how funny my kids are? Well, they’re also annoying.

Little Man and I have a constant battle over bathing/showering. He doesn’t wanna do it. He is content to walk around stinking to high heavens, and I’m not content to let him, so…battle.

Last week the boy and I were going through the routine of me telling him it was time to shower and him whining and groaning when I commented that when he gets to middle school, he’ll really want to keep up appearances. (Maybe not sixth grade, but I’m pretty sure that most seventh and eighth grade boys start caring.) “This means you have to CLEAN YOURSELF regularly.”

And then I thought that maybe I was sending the wrong message when I mentioned keeping up appearances. Obviously I didn’t mean you have to look like Brad Pitt, but who knows how a kid will take things. Anyway, I tried to clear this up and then asked who was the best looking celebrity he knows (I was going to make the point that he didn’t have to look like XYZ, just to be clean). He thought about this for a moment and answered:

“Harrison Ford.”

My husband and I laughed, and then I commented on how Harrison Ford was pretty good looking back in the day.

“No, not back in the day. He was really good looking in Episode VII, too!” Little Man said.

And then our jaws dropped. Yeah, Harrison Ford is still nice looking, but that’s so not where I expected the 10-year-old to go. My husband later mentioned that we’d better keep him away from the nursing home when he starts going through puberty.

That wasn’t the only time LM has been annoying when it comes to the bath stuff this week. Today I told him to take a bath so we could get dressed up nicely and go out to lunch.

He whined, of course, and said, “It’s Easter!”

As far as I know, holidays like Easter are all the more reason to take a bath, not get out of taking one. So, I asked him, “What about Jesus’ resurrection says you don’t need to take a bath?”

Little Man: “Well, dead people smell!”

Damn, kid.

(He took a bath.)


I’m doing the A to Z Challenge on the other blog, and I’m going to attempt to half-ass do it on this blog. (Now’s the time to place your bets on how many days I do.) There won’t be a theme, just a bunch of randomness.


9 thoughts on “‘A’ is for Annoying

  1. My brother and his family lives with me, and my nephew who’s almost three hates bathing too so this little tale is hilarious! 😀 I hope you continue with your random A to Z postings cos I’d really like to read them!

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  2. I think hygiene is tough for kids with ADHD. Our oldest, while he doesn’t exactly argue with us about taking a shower, he doesn’t take any more than he absolutely has to. And he always waits for us to tell him he needs one.

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  3. Oh my gosh, three of mine went through this extended poor hygiene phase. Seriously. Sissy was the only one who willingly washed herself and brushed her teeth and whatnot. I swear to you, the smell, oh the smell, especially the ones in sports. Rooms smell like an armpit, shoes, and a jock strap. Maybe that was it, Sissy was my least-athletic child so she showered more or smelled less? I dunno. It lasts a long time, that phase. And the hormones don’t help and it’s terrible, because you know they’ve showered and put on deodorant, but they gotta do it again. So it’s like you’re hurting their feelings. Oof. Yeah, this is a long battle.
    Harrison Ford is dreamy.

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