Time For A Change

I’m thinking it may be time to look for a new psychiatrist. I liked my current one a lot at first — she actually listened and took things seriously — but things have been kinda weird lately. There are a lot of little things, but one of the most bizarre is this — she has changed practices twice in one year, and the last time her patients weren’t notified. It was bizarre, going in for an appointment, signing in, and then being told that she had moved across town. When I got there late and explained why I was late, she was like, “Oh, yeah, we forgot to send out a notice.” Why not tell people when they get the call reminding them of their appointment time??

And there is no privacy in her new office. It’s in a building with a bunch of other businesses, so her space is very limited. In the small waiting area, the nurse checks your blood pressure, takes your weight, and talks about meds in front of the other person or two waiting. At my appointment this week, a friend of the receptionist dropped in to chat for a bit while all of that personal stuff was being taken care of.

The psychiatrist herself seems out there lately, too. Not only did she have the file for the wrong person again and talk about keeping me on meds that I’ve never taken, after she got that sorted out, she then suggested going up on my current med for no reason. (As in she hadn’t even asked whether depression was an issue at that point.) It’s so strange, because this is the psychiatrist who talked about keeping patients on the lowest therapeutic dose possible to avoid having your senses dulled to the point that you lose creativity or whatever. She spent much of the short appointment talking about her new art classes, even when I tried to bring up increased anxiety symptoms.

I promise I’m not just being nitpicky; this isn’t the only appointment where things have just been off in some way in the last few times I’ve been in. While I appreciate how things have improved overall since I’ve been seeing her, a lot of stuff just strikes me as being unprofessional at a minimum lately.

I’m not even sure how to address these issues, if I could work up the nerve to, anyway. (There’s no way that she can’t be aware of the issues with the office at least.) So frustrating. I dread having to search for a new psychiatrist, as the options in my area are super limited. I had to drive an hour to this one, as there is only one psychiatrist in my town. And starting from scratch with a new person would suck, but maybe not as much as the lack of privacy and everything else. At least I have six months worth of meds, so I have some time.


23 thoughts on “Time For A Change

  1. You definitely need to start looking for someone else, or call your insurance or whatever. You just gotta. Those are some serious professional issues there. Unacceptable like whoa. Once you’ve moved on and gotten your records transferred, I’d write a diplomatic letter explaining your issues with her care. (People can’t improve if they don’t know.)

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  2. Something definitely sounds amiss! Only you can know what feels right to do, and maybe by six months from now she will have resolved whatever is wrong, but I think I would be searching for other options meanwhile. Take care!

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  3. Just the multiple HIPPA violations would make me run as fast as I could, away from that office! I think you should definitely find someone. Sounds like she definitely does not have her act together at all. It seems to me one should have confidence in their psychiatrist!!!

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    • I have been looking. It’s crazy how hard it is to find someone that a) is within a 1.5 hour radius from me, b) takes insurance (apparently it’s a thing for a lot of places to make you file on your own and only recoup 60% of the costs), c) will take me if I don’t have a PCP within their network. Lord.

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      • It gets harder and harder to obtain healthcare these days. I call my PCP to book an appointment because I have a fever of 103 and am told I can have an appointment in 2 weeks. And I say thanks, I will either be dead or better, so I will deal with it on my own.

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