That’s Relevant

I saw this online about the bipolar brain. I know many who can relate to this (bipolar or not), but considering the way my brain has been going lately project-wise, I couldn’t help but chuckle since it’s so relevant.

Yes, that unfinished sentence on the third one bothers me, too.

I’m working on three projects right now. A story, a book related to my doodle blog, and then another about parenting through mental illness. The odds that I’ll finish any of these (or even be working on them by the end of the month) aren’t good, but dang, the preview mode of the e-book looks nice.

What are you working on right now?


13 thoughts on “That’s Relevant

  1. Yup! SOOOO relevant! I have a bijillion projects in the works…so many it’s becoming overwhelming. . . I’ve been here before, idk if anything will actually be generated from this “creativity storm.” Will in there be rainbows & flowers blooming or will a state of emergency be declared in the end?

    Praying for supernatural strength and direction to fulfill God’s plans for us!

    I’m happy to here about all the exciting things you’re up to! I can’t wait to read your book!!!

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  2. I’m working on teaching my 10 year old to not talk to me using txtspeak (he literally says IDK and JK and LOL… so I tell him hashtag StopIt). That incomplete sentence is terrible. Before finishing what?! So many nouns and verbs that could fit in there…

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  3. I thought the chart was very funny! I know how that is!
    I was working on crocheting two afghans, but one of my migraine meds causes memory loss. I forgot how to crochet so can’t work on those yet.
    Other than that I’m still working on these taxes.


  4. I’m working on absolutely nothing. I do the working and the caring for me and sometimes caring for my family, pets, home, friends, and that’s all I have time for right now. Busy season won’t last forever and spring gardening is around the corner. But hey, I’m also like really linear and focusy 😉

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