The Construction That Will Never End

So, like I mentioned in a previous post, our bathroom kicked the bucket. Everything but the tub and sink/cabinet had to be ripped out because of rot. This all started…three weeks ago, I think, and it’s still not over.

This is the construction that never ends
It just goes on and on my friends
This guy started working, moving slowly as a sloth
And he’ll keep on working forever just because
This is the construction that never ends…

(Yes, that was a lame attempt at humor.)

At first we were told it’d be done in about a week. And then “I need a few more days.” And then “It’ll be done by Thursday.” Five more days of work later, and maybe it will be done tomorrow. Judging from the slow-as-hell pace the guy doing the work is going today (well, every day, but today, too), I highly doubt that. He’s had to redo multiple things several times and if “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said The Sloth” were adapted to feature a human, this guy would be the new character.

And the kicker? We’re paying by the day.

So now, what started as a $50 fix in the bathroom has hit close to the $3,000 mark.


I’ve learned a valuable lesson, though — the next time we have to have work done, we’ll agree on a set price for the project and that’ll be the price, regardless of whether it’s done in five days or freaking 20.

I’m not sure which I want more — to have a functional shower in my master bathroom or to not have people that don’t live here in my house every day. (Yes, people, because sometimes he brings his four kids, which I end up having to babysit.) I’m sure anyone would feel that way, but being pretty introverted, it’s like, damn.

We’re going out of town to the beach this weekend. Screw this bathroom mess and all of the other crap that’s going on right now. We probably shouldn’t be spending extra money, but $200 is a drop in the bucket compared to what has already been spent! My husband and I are both tense, anxious, and both feeling rather depressed over this. Gah. Icing on the cake — tomorrow is the dreaded physical. After losing quite a bit of weight, I’ve put back on almost 10 pounds (yay, emotional eating), so I’m super dreading this.

It has been a weird month. We’ve definitely had a trying month (and some other stuff has been going on that I haven’t written about yet), but so have every single one of my close friends. It’s like January and February have decided to be “The shit hits the fan” months. This even-number year is feeling more like an odd-number year.

How has your 2018 been so far?


12 thoughts on “The Construction That Will Never End

  1. Yeah, what he said. If you watched them all day I would charge him $30 per kid per day. Seriously! Since when do we take our kids to work? My 2018 isn’t too bad. Teachers might go on strike again which would put me out of work for a bit but at least I won’t get fined like the teachers.

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    • It’s crazy! And to make matters worse, they brought a puppy. I told them not to put the dog down in my house, they did, and the damn pup walked on top of the cabinets I had just painted (I had them laid on the floor) and PISSED on one. Kids didn’t bother to tell me. I was so pissed I had to walk out of the house to avoid exploding.

      Ugh…I was wondering how the strike from last year ended up. I guess not much got solved in terms of the problems they went on strike for?

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