There’s A New Fairy In Town

I’ve written about how I’m not a fan of Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy in a past post. Despite that, there’s a new fairy (well, two) in town, and it’s one of my own creation.

Before my surgery, I was still rocking Baby Girl to sleep at night. I know, I know — at three she was too old, but she’s so small, and we both loved it…but I wasn’t supposed to pick her up for a few days following surgery, she doesn’t like my husband to rock her, so it was time to make the transition.

She was none too happy about this.

“I not gonna do that!” she told me when I mentioned her lying down in the bed to go to sleep.

I tried talking to her about being a big girl, about reading books and stuff before we go to sleep, how her dad or I will lie down with her, but that didn’t do any good. And then I had an idea.

“If you lie down in your bed, the Big Girl Fairy will come to see you.”

Little Man was listening to the conversation. “The WHAT?”

“The Big Girl Fairy. She’s like the Tooth Fairy, only she comes when little girls do big girl things.” BG knew about the Tooth Fairy from Eli, and she has been very upset over not losing teeth to get a visit, so this was appealing to her.

“Oooh, the Big Girl Fairy?” BG asked. “What she gonna bring?”

“Probably a quarter.”

“Maybe a new PJ Masks toy?”

I shook my head. “The Big Girl Fairy isn’t made out of money. She can’t bring toys every night you do what you’re supposed to do, but she can bring something small, like a quarter. You can save your quarters and buy a treat for yourself later.”

Baby Girl thought about this for a moment. “I really want her to bring me chocolate coins.”

“She can do that!” I said, happy that she was getting on board and not thinking about the fact that would mean candy the first thing in the morning.

“Maybe the Big Girl Fairy can visit me, too?” Little Man asked, grinning.

“She not gonna see you, Little Man, she the Big Girl Fairy, not the BigΒ  Boy Fairy!” Baby Girl informed him.

And so the Big Girl Fairy was born. Baby Girl has been lying down at night with no issue, but she still wants one of us to stay with her until she falls asleep. After about a month, the Big Girl Fairy has stopped visiting for that, though. She now plans to visit if BG goes to bed by herself, plus she visits for trying new foods.

The Big Girl Fairy also has a sister named the Good Girl Fairy. She brings quarters (and only quarters) for behaving and doing chores. For whatever reason, receiving a quarter from the Big Girl Fairy for picking up her toys and helping out is far preferable to receiving a quarter from me.

I am embarrassed that I’ve had to resort to making up fairies to get Baby Girl to do things/transition to things — especially being someone who was like “nah” on Santa at first — but it is what it is. I think it will be easy to phase out the fairies when they’ve served their purpose, though.

Did any of y’all do crazy stuff to get your kids to be more compliant?


17 thoughts on “There’s A New Fairy In Town

  1. Hey, a mom’s got to do what a mom’s got to do and I’m all for what works for you and your family! (That coming from a like-minded mom who doesn’t care too much for Santa ~ ~ and whose handwriting is blatantly identical to the tooth fairy’s handwritten cards)
    Seems like you stumbled upon a great motivator for your little one and, you’re right, it will surely be easy to phase out.

    I’ve recently been strategizing and looking for unique psychological tools for dealing with three three-year-olds (my b/g twins & boy nephew, who, until recently, had lived out-of-state). The unique Dynamic has yeilded some interesting (somewhat crafty) behavioral modification techniques!

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  2. Your fairy is sweet. We didn’t have fairies. We did, however, have beasties and gremlins at The Home Clan Allen Builds. When the children left toys or shoes on the floors, I’d hide them ain’t explain that the gremlins must’ve gotten them. How sad. I’m sorry. Of course, all of them swore up and down that they didn’t believe in beasties and gremlins.

    So one night, when I was very pregnant with the twins, (littles #5 & #6) and was barely hangin’ by my wits end, my spice hid under the girls’ bunk beds and I told them that if they didn’t start keeping their room clean that “The Bad Behavior Beast” might pay them a visit. My eldest p-shawed and said, “There’s no such thing!” To which my husband replied in a deep booming voice from beneath them, “Yes there is!” Chaos ensued. But, they cleaned up their room.

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  3. ‘Big girl fairy isn’t made of money’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m dying. I tell mine that and she says ‘you have money in your wallet’

    And no worries mine is almost 4 and we still cosleep. We love it as in me and her and I will most likely miss it once it stops. A task that is seemingly never going to end. So we might also be getting a BGF. Though money doesn’t work for her at bedtime. Or oversized animals to take our place. Now chores no problem she’ll take all the money she can get. Pennies. Dimes. Dollars. Empty giftcards 😁😎

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