Hello, 2018

My husband thinks I’m weird. Again. Shockingly, after being together for almost 13 years, I can still manage to surprise him with my weirdness. This time it was because I commented, “Thank God, I hate odd-numbered years” after the ball dropped and we welcomed 2018. You’d think that for a guy who gets irritated when he finds out that I stopped pumping my gas at the $12.97 mark instead of the $13.00 mark, that he’d somewhat understand. Butย  nope.

So that’s how my 2018 started, which was probably better than how we’ve previously rung in the New Year — with drunk people who had access to fireworks, firearms, and Fireball. Yikes. We watched part of the new Dave Chappelle special on Netflix, switched over to watch the ball drop, argued for a few minutes, and then finished the special. Obligatory “we’re officially old” comment. And then my husband turned 40 yesterday, so the oldness is legit on his behalf, and now I’m old by association.

Little Man and I talked about writing down New Year’s resolutions, but we didn’t. Considering that both of us essentially had “be organized and get shit done” as one of our goals (his was phrased less cursey), it appears that we aren’t off to a great start.

I had a few goals last year, some I was successful with and some I wasn’t. The main goals was actually losing more weight, which I did. I was down almost 40 pounds when Thanksgiving rolled around. And then after Thanksgiving, my extended birthday weekend, the cruise, multiple Christmas get-togethers, and my husband’s birthday, it’s more like 35. Now it’s time to get back to it. Another goal was to open an Etsy shop, which I did. I only had a few sales (most of my sales were from my Facebook page), but I was able to check that off at least.

Now for some positives from 2017 that weren’t really goals. I was hired for a new job about a month ago. (And got offered for two others I applied for within the same week, go figure!) Typical work from home content writer, part-time, flexible schedule deal. It’s more hours than the other freelance gigs I’ve had in a while, and I’m still trying to get adjusted to that. I like more hours, but finding the quiet time I need to write has been tough, especially with the kids out of school. Note to self: maybe don’t start a new job during the busiest time of the year.

The positive thing that I’m most excited about from 2017 — I was recommended for cochlear implant surgery and will get implanted this month. The insurance company denied it at first and gave the two most bullshit reasons ever, but after a peer-to-peer with my doctor, they approved it, so yay! The doctor said it isn’t guaranteed to work well and that it could take up to a year to see max benefits, but I’m hopeful. Worst case scenario (assuming I don’t die or get meningitis and then die), is that I lose the residual hearing in that ear and am in about the same place I am now. Best case — through rehab and relearning to hear in that ear, I might get close to normal hearing in that ear. The risk is worth it.

This is a big deal, since it recently hit me how much of a struggle it would be with most traditional jobs (Baby Girl will start kindergarten fall of next year), struggling with using the phone, not being able to hear most conversations with background noise, etc. If the implant works, I’ll have more options as far as job opportunities go, plus it’d be nice not to depend on my husband so much.

So, hello 2018 — bring it on.

Any goals for your year or are you just gonna keep on keepin’ on?ย 


19 thoughts on “Hello, 2018

  1. Of the years that have a general suckage feel to them, they’re most definitely odd years. That’s a statement I can get behind. It’s the main reason that I never buy a car with an odd model year. I stopped odd model year purchasing when I noticed the pattern of suckage. Since I’ve not been able to stick to any new year’s resolutions, I’ve altered my approach to them and came up with the below list of resolutions:

    Stop eating so much pizza.
    Stop flipping off stupid drivers on the road.
    Eat more vegetables.

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  2. Lots of good stuff has been happening for you, yay!
    I was going to “see in the new year” but I missed it on account of being half-way through an episode of Star Trek when the clock rolled around.

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  3. Congratulations on the new job. Just remember if you made it through this time of year with the writing, the rest of the year will be a breeze! Hope all goes well with your implant. My mom lost hearing in her left ear when she was 19 and as she aged, her one good ear began to fade too. I remember what a struggle it was for her especially in social situations. Sounds like 2018 will be an eventful ear!

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  4. I’ll be keepin on keepin on, thanks.
    I prefer even numbers, too. Nice round numbers. Friendlier. Coupled.
    It’s pretty exciting to think of you getting more hearing back. I mean, isn’t science amazing?!? One of my kindergartners had a cochlear, first I ever knew of it, and I’d always giggle, because he was a good napper, and you know why? He unplugged it when he got to his cot. Receptor out, thumb in. I loved that kid.
    I want you to enjoy your babies how you do and then to enjoy returning to work as you will. I think you’re right to consider more options may come with better hearing. And if not, the right thing will absolutely come along anyway.

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    • It really is. I was reading that there has been some research with gene therapy that is supposed to restore hearing, too. No idea when that will actually happen, but that’s so cool.


      True that! Even if I do just stick to the writing stuff and don’t get any true benefit from better hearing in that regard, it’ll be nice to have it as far as everything else goes. (Which probably goes without saying, but the main reason I looked into it was job stuff.)

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