Keep Up The Good Blogging


When I logged in a few days ago to pull info for a post on my other blog, I got this notification:

Granted, this notification was a couple months old, but there it was, anyway.

“Keep up the good blogging.”

Oops. That didn’t happen. Not under the Anxious Mom name, anyway. Up until now, I’ve only posted once since May.

I posted this on my second blogiversary:

So, two years…much like last year, I’m surprised that I’ve stuck with this for another year. It was tougher to keep up with at times, for sure, but I’m glad I did. After all, I’d be deprived of getting to write this “pat yourself on the back, you’ve been here hundreds of days now” post. 😉 Hopefully in another year, I’ll be marveling over sticking with blogging for three years.

No marveling on my end.

As most of y’all know, I didn’t leave blogging. So technically I have blogged for three years, just not three years with this blog. I shifted over to another blog where my focus has been pretty much just parenting and funny stuff. Easy stuff. Kinda time consuming with the doodles, but still, easy, generally light-hearted content. That has been a lot of fun for the most part, but I sometimes find myself missing this blog, where I can post/vent about any damn thing I want. Too many friends, family members, and acquaintances from LM’s school follow the other blog for me to do that over there.

So, yeah, I miss this blog. And I miss connecting with people on…I don’t want to say “deeper level,” because that sounds corny, so maybe on a more authentic level? Or something like that, anyway. So I may start posting here again (aside from this post, which doesn’t really count, because damn, things are stressful, a lot of stuff is happening, and I need to let it out somewhere.

I also missed gifs.


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