Winter Wonderland…For A Few Hours

We finally got our winter snow…shortly before spring begins and right after a February that felt more like May. We weren’t supposed to get any, but lo and behold, there was white stuff on the ground when I woke up. We were all really excited! Sam measured and thinks we had a little over four inches.

After searching forever for gloves and boots, we finally made it out. I duct taped some bungee cords to a laundry basket and we used that and an old blue tarp to drag the kids around. They had a blast. Little Man tried sledding behind the hill down our house in a laundry basket, and made it about four feet. He tried the wagon, too, but it didn’t go anywhere. Maybe we’ll get a little sled to have on hand to use once every three years when we get a bit of snow.

Since the weatherman was calling for it to be a cold, cloudy day, I figured we’d have snow to play in tomorrow, too. But, nope. The sun came out in the afternoon and all we were left with was some leftover snowmen (that’s my dad’s snowmen below, but using it to give you an idea of how quickly things changed) and mud.

Now that we got our snow fix, I suppose I’ll join the “Bring on spring!” crowd. We’re going to plant some flowers and stuff (the technical term), and I’m ready to get to it. Plus, there’s soccer. Little Man’s soccer jamboree was yesterday — Sam is coaching, and I helped out since one of the assistant coaches wasn’t there. We lost, unfortunately, but the kids all played really hard. Hopefully it’ll be a productive soccer season!

That’s my weekend — how was yours?


23 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland…For A Few Hours

  1. I remember a snow storm in college. It was my first snow in years as I lived in Florida throughout high school, and it was exciting. We “borrowed” trays from the cafeteria and all went out sledding and had a snowball fight with around 8 of us. It was so much fun.
    My weekend was spent trying not to be sick. It didn’t work out so well, but I am feeling better now.
    Starting at 8 tonight we are getting snow. 8-12 inches. I am NOT happy about that.

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  2. I think that same storm that brought you 4″ over the weekend is bring us in the northeast 12-14″ tomorrow into Wednesday. I’d gladly take spring temps over the temps we’ve had the last few days. I’m not looking forward to the snow, but am happy I get to finally use my fixed (not used since it was) snowblower tomorrow.

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  3. Snow came here today, but it didn’t stick. We’re okay with that, since we all had places to go. I’m sure glad you got to enjoy some ๐Ÿ™‚
    The weekend was wonderful here, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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