Praise Zeus

March has been good to us so far. We made it through the first week without anyone getting sick and puking all over or needing a prescription! And my washing machine is no longer running continuously. “Praise Zeus,” as Little Man is fond of saying.


And, yes, I’m knocking on wood. All the wood. Even…nah, I’m not going there.

We have had a super laid back weekend. We took the kids out to dinner and did a little shopping on Friday night, did soccer and a little cleaning on Saturday, and all we have planned for today is taking apart Baby Girl’s crib to give to some relatives. Since she only used the crib a couple of times (she preferred her pack-n-play), I won’t get all weepy. (Although I am still a little annoyed that the adorable owl sheets I bought to match the theme of her nursery were never really used. I’ll get over it when she’s 20.)

In other good news, I had a few necklace orders this week, plus a couple of vinyl decal orders. If things continue being less chaotic, I hope to get more up on Etsy rather than focusing just on Facebook. People apparently love stuff that is pet-related, so that seems like it’d be a good focus once I start focusing. Little Man is making a bunch of necklaces for a festival at his school, and we have to have 50 ready for later this month, so I’ll be making necklaces one way or another. He has Pokemon, Star Wars, My Little Pony, Deadpool, Transformers, and some others.

Some of the necklaces we made last month.

He’s offered to help me with necklaces for my Etsy shop “for a cut of the profit.” (His class has an entrepreneurship theme this year.) I told him we’d talk after he helps me with 50 necklaces, so now he wants his own shop. He is obsessed with all things LEGO and wants to save his money to buy the Millennium Falcon. That thing is expensive — around $120 — so he better make a lot of necklaces.

What’s new with you?


22 thoughts on “Praise Zeus

  1. Glad to hear that everyone is feeling well again in your house, my washing machine suffer the effects of a tough workout at the beginning of February. Not fun! I really like your necklaces. I was making tags for the boys backpacks a while ago, and for their for birthday parties they were going to. It was a big hit, you have inspired me to make some more. Thank you.

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  2. Winter sickness just tore through our house this past weekend, I’m still sick (of course) because I’m a man and got a man-cold, lol. Those necklaces are pretty cool and its nice to have a side-gig that makes some money.

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  3. Praise Zeus! I was just reading Dorky Mom Doodles and was thinking… hmmmm Erika, LM (9) BG (2) Soccer… Did the Anxious Mom start another blog? I was literally getting ready to ask this in THIS comment when I clicked over to read it. And now my question/suspicion has been answered. Also, I’ve seen the Falcon. Totally worth saving up for.

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