Things Kids Do Thursday: Moves Like Prince

Today I’m changing up things a bit. Instead of doing a “Things Kids Say” post, I’m going with a “Things Kids Do” post.

Sam was watching music on YouTube with Little Man when he came across a Prince video. He and some other guys were cover a song (I’ll post it at the bottom), and at the end of the song, Prince throws the guitar in the air and walks off.


Little Man liked it so much that he wanted to listen to the song again, and while it was playing, he pretended a wood souvenir baseball bat was a guitar and played along. (Side note: LM sometimes carries this bat around and does Harley Quinn impersonations.) My husband was loving that LM was so into Prince. “He’s gonna have good taste in music, unlike his mama.” Burn.

And then the end of the song comes. Little Man, who was still being a cool dude and shredding the guitar, decides to continue copying Prince and throws the bat in the air and attempts to walk off. Unfortunately for him, he threw it forward a bit and the bat landed on his head.

Sam broke one of the cardinal rules of parenting — check and make sure your kid is fine before laughing at them — and nearly fell in the floor because he was laughing so hard. (Little Man was fine, aside from being annoyed at Sam.) At least he didn’t have his real guitar.


11 thoughts on “Things Kids Do Thursday: Moves Like Prince

  1. Ha. Well, because some stars shine so very brightly that they find themselves quite unable to shrink themselves down small enough to share a stage with others who shine less vibrantly than themselves. I think Prince communicated that quite effectively.

    Also, I think there is some kind of unwritten, universal law that all kids will dance when you play The Beatles.

    That being said, if your kid turns out to be a Prince fan, he will definitely be cooler than all the other kids. Period.

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      • Also? I can see Tom Petty being bad-ass enough in his own respect to share a stage with Prince. But Steve Winwood? Bring Me a Higher Love? Uh. Ok. Did he have any other hits. I’m a huge Petty fan. Clearly Prince was the baddest mofo on the stage.

        I hope you play your kids the uptempo songs, many of which lend themselves to kid-approval. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (Life Goes On), Octopus’s Garden, Rocky Raccoon*, In My Life*, For the Benefit of Mr. Kite, Mean Mr. Mustard, the list goes on and on, but this list includes a coupe of my kids’ favorites.*

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  2. This reminds me of when Crash tried to throw a ball at Bang. The ball hit the wall instead and bounced back and hit himself. We all laughed at Karma. Can’t go wrong listening to Prince (usually).

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