Get To Know Me Challenge

Vic at Plain Ol Vic nominated me to participate in the Get To Know Me Challenge, so I am. I realize some of y’all are thinking “We already know more about you than we want,” but too bad, there’s more. 😉

Share your profile picture if you have one.


This is what I’m using at the moment.

Who are you named after? A freaking soap opera character.

What is your favorite lunch meat? Shaved turkey.

Longest relationship? My current one; we’ve been together almost 13 years and married almost 11.

Do you still have your tonsils? Nope.

Would you bungee jump? I did a sort of bungee jump thing at Carowinds at once. I wouldn’t do either now, but probably would when I get super old or if I were almost on my deathbed.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
 Never. I only untie my sneakers when they get too loose.

Favorite ice cream? Chocolate.

What is the first thing you notice about people? Is it weird that I have no idea? I’m blanking on this one.

Football or baseball? Football. Go Cocks! I do love baseball, too, though.

What color pants are you wearing? Gray pants. The blue jeans I usually wear got wet in the rain.

Last thing you ate? A slice of leftover pizza.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Turquoise. Love that color.

Favorite smell? A freshly cleaned baby. Unfortunately, Baby Girl isn’t so much a baby anymore, and it’d be weird if I went around sniffing someone’s baby, so I don’t get to enjoy that scent often. (This probably sounds weird as fuck.)

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? Probably my mother-in-law. I rarely talk on the phone because sucky hearing, but my MIL will not take “I can’t hear most of what you say on the phone” for an answer and calls anyway (and then has to talk to my husband because I can’t hear her well enough, sigh).

Hair color? Dark brown.

Eye color? Blue.

Favorite foods to eat? Pizza, turkey sandwiches, steak, chicken.

Scary movies or happy endings? Happy endings I guess. I don’t do horror movies.

Last movie you watched? Split.

Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving.

Beer or wine? Neither. I prefer rum, but don’t drink it as often now because alcohol gives me wicked heartburn.

Favorite day of the week? Friday because we’re almost done for the week.

Which of your three favorite bloggers would you like to know more about? Only three? Gah. How about anyone who reads this participate if they want, because I’d definitely enjoy reading the answers from just about anyone who follows/comments on this blog.

Who were the latest three people to follow your blog (link to their about page?

The last three legit people to follow:

The Barefoot Baby 

Stumbling Mind 

University Mommy

100. Copy this link


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