Here’s To A Less Busy Week

Super busy week is over, but not without another round of illness. (Seriously, wtf is wrong with my house? Do I need to start bathing everyone in Lysol?) A few hours after making my post about sicknesses, I went to pick up Little Man from school. He looked kinda pissed as he got in the car, so I figured he’d had a bad day. As soon as he closed the door, he said, “Mom, I feel like I’m gonna puke.”

Oh shit. “Okay, let me pull up–” and then he projectile vomited all over the car. The next few hours were rough, but fortunately it was just a 24-hour bug, and he didn’t miss out on any of his birthday festivities. Also, fortunately, no one else has gotten it yet.

Little Man’s birthday celebrations went well. He had lots of cake and got lots of nice gifts, so he was a happy boy. For those of you with younger kids — we found out that third grade is the age where parents drop off their kids and disappear for hours. Some of the parents didn’t even bother coming inside. Almost 20 wild kids and a bounce house for three hours — sweet baby Jesus, we needed some booze. Luckily my cousin, who happens to be a third grade teacher, showed up with her kiddos and helped out some.


I had the dreaded physical on Friday. Unfortunately, the doctor my family sees that we love left abruptly (family issues, we were told), so I had to see someone new. It went well, plus I found out that my cholesterol had dropped 40 points, plus I lost a little weight. I was thrilled with the cholesterol drop, down into the normal range now. That will definitely serve as motivation for improving my health in 2017. I also had an X-ray done for a nagging foot issue and found that the pain is because of a bone spur. Yuck!

Something else new in my household that isn’t health related — Baby Girl is now speaking in a British accent a lot. Her favorite new show is Peppa Pig (thanks a lot, MawMaw), and Peppa is a British show, in case you didn’t know. I swear she isn’t watching so much of it that it should be impacting her former country as hell Southern accent, but it is. It hasn’t helped that Sam and Little Man are encouraging her. So, now the little blonde headed girl that doesn’t look like she belongs to our family also doesn’t sound like she belongs with our family. I’m not traveling outside the country with her anytime soon, we’d probably be accused of kidnapping. 😉



25 thoughts on “Here’s To A Less Busy Week

  1. My older sister was a French teacher, and she did her student teaching in the hills of western Virginia (heavy hillbilly drawls). Hearing bad, first-year American French with a drawl added on top was simply hilarious.

    Congrats on the weight loss and huge cholesterol drop! Not so much congrats on the bone spur, but at least you know what you’re dealing with. And yes, it sounds like you should have one of those automatic sprayers (like for produce at the grocery stores) installed at each of your doors, hosing down everyone with high concentrations of bleach! I think I’d just buy a new car after all the vomiting…

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    • Haha! I can only imagine that is what my French and Spanish teachers thought, too. Probably sounded like Brad Pitt in the Inglorious Basterds movie when he’d speak a few random words in Spanish.


      That stench still isn’t out. I have no idea why we thought we should get a new car with two young kids. It’s been puked in at least a dozen times over the past year. Having kids in it should count against you as much as having wrecks when doing the resale value.

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  2. I’m glad your numbers are down! 🙂 That IS motivating!

    I went and got sick again, The Mister got it this time too. We’ll fight the crud but I don’t think it’ll be a less busy week here.

    A lot of people slide in and out of accents, and scholars say it’s a kind of intelligence that goes along with self-preservation — better understanding, less suspicion from those unlike us. I’m happy to have BG in our club 😉

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    • Is the Mister acting like he’s on his deathbed? True to the stereotype, my husband acted like he was dying over a little cold while I was up doing all the normal crap with bronchitis, he was getting the side eye big time.

      Haha, I do that to a degree, although it’s less of an accent thing and more of an effort to say “ain’t” and “y’all” and not say certain words properly. Can’t be labeled a damn Yankee 😉

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      • This one has us both acting like babies. Truly. We’re pathetic. I was pathetic last night and he was miserable this morning.
        (And yes, I’ve done 10x more than him.)

        Hey Now! I’m proud to be a damn Yankee! 😉

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  3. Haha … where you said “Some of the parents didn’t even bother coming inside”, I read the first few words and thought you were going to say that some of the parents didn’t even bother coming back for their kids! 😀 Love that Baby Girl is speaking with a Brit accent now! When Natasha was little, she watched so much Dora the Explorer that she spoke in Spanish as much as English 🙂 Congrats on your cholesterol … keep up the good work!

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  4. My daughter picked up her British accent from watching Dr. Who, although interestingly, two of the three newest doctors are Scottish, lol. Sorry to hear that the sickness is still going around. My projectile experience happened while I was leaving the kitchen to her bedroom, I was holding her and it was a vomit trail from the kitchen half way down the hall (had hardwood floors thankfully). I’d have to turn in the car if it smelled of vomit, the smell alone makes me want to on my own. Hoping things get better soon.


  5. I hear ya about busy weeks. Ours was for a totally different reason. I like yours better. I know a few kids now who have picked up a British accent from watching Peppa. Bang pronounces the name Morgan with an Australian accent because he watch Bananas in Pajamas for a while.

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  6. I’m sorry to hear LM had a bug, but glad it passed quickly (even more sorry it happened all over the car!)

    Glad to hear you’ve had health improvements all around (minus the foot, anyway), definite motivation to keep going!

    I think it’s hysterical BG is speaking with an accent, so cute!

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