More Sickies And Stuff

The December and January sickies have followed us into February. After being stubborn and refusing to go to the doctor for a few days, I went to the urgent care on Sunday and was given some medicine for bronchitis, a deep sinus infection, and an ear infection. “Why on earth did it take you so long to come in?” the doctor asked while my husband rolled his eyes at my “wait and see” explanation.

The sinus infection has been kicked it seems, the ears feel much better, but bronchitis likes to linger, especially in people with asthma, being the motherfucker it is.

This is our Busy Week, by the way. So, I did not make it to the baby shower on Sunday that I didn’t want to go to anyway. I also rescheduled two of my appointments for later. I did go to Little Man’s science fair (he placed 3rd for his grade in the district) and the spelling bee, and by the grace of God, I didn’t hack my head off through it. He placed 9/15 in the bee, which I think is pretty good for being the youngest in a competition that had kids through eighth grade. He misheard the word (and knew every one after that), so he was disappointed in himself, but still showed a great display of sportsmanship at the end, which made us very proud. When he was given a $20 Amazon card for participating, he perked up quite a bit. A batch of my world famous chocolate chip cookies erased any leftover feelings of disappointment.

We had to take Baby Girl to the doctor yesterday since she’s been sporadically throwing up again. We suspected either acid reflux or an allergy. The PA gave her a prescription for an antacid, plus we’re going to give her lactose-free milk and track everything she eats for a few weeks and see how she does.

Little Man’s birthday is on Saturday, and we are having birthday celebrations on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. One with our extended family, one with just the four of us (my husband insists we celebrate just us on the actual birthday), and one with his friends from school at a private bounce house place. We could’ve had the family come to the bounce house place, but I think they’d have hated us a little for that, so LM gets three days of celebrating.

Soccer season started again yesterday. Sam is coaching LM’s team this year. I’m supposed to help, but didn’t feel up to it yesterday, so I just sat on the sideline and took notes on the players. I didn’t know most of their names, so I had things like “Yellow Shirt does this” and “Birthmark does that,” much to my brother’s amusement (he is also helping). The practice went well until we ran out of light. Sam has been doing a lot of research on drills and on working with kids this age, so hopefully it goes well for him. I’ll probably sit far away from the parents just in case, since they’ve always openly shit-talked coaches on the sidelines, and I don’t want to punch a bitch. (Okay, I don’t want to feel like punching a bitch, since I probably would never do more than give a dirty look.)

So, that’s all I have to report for the past week of blogging absence. Sickies, Little Man’s stuff, and more Little Man’s stuff to come. And, oh yeah, I started watching Prison Break on Netflix. I like it. Now you’re fully up to speed.

Are y’all managing to avoid getting all the sicknesses in your home? 


22 thoughts on “More Sickies And Stuff

  1. When any of us gets sick in this house, they go on semi-lockdown quarantine and we break out the “sick remotes” for the televisions. You know, all the remotes that we used to use before we got a universal remote to replace them all 🙂 When you’re sick, you need to use the separate and distinct TV, soundbar, Roku remotes because the universal remote is in a “germ/sick free zone”. I also turn up the hot water heater 20F in the winter so that the dishwasher does its job killing all the nasties that like to linger and make everyone else sick. Hope everyone feels better soon.

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  2. Good grief I’m glad you finally went in! I imagine you’ll feel leaps and bounds better by Monday! I was sick for about 5 weeks before the holidays. Wretched. Moo had it, too, but she’s younger so she didn’t have it as long. Never quite sick enough to need medical intervention, but not well enough to function fully, either. Sassy had a cold earlier this week. I’m glad it passed quickly. She’s a big baby about catching a cold, bless her heart.
    As a long-time sufferer of reflux and heartburn, I cannot possibly tell you what a help apple cider vinegar has been for me. I do not dispense medical advice, but I will say there’s nothin wrong with a mama doin some research and askin the dr if it’s right for bebe.
    May I also have some world famous chocolate chip cookies? or do I need like, a tale of woe? 😛

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    • After getting a two-day break from the sinus pressure, and thinking my antibiotic had worked, it’s back. Just in time for 20 kids at a bounce house birthday party. Gonna see an ENT soon, I’m over this sinus mess. My dad swears by the vinegar for heartburn, too. I can’t bring myself to try it, but I will do some looking around and see if it’d be okay for BG. I did taste the stuff she takes, because she had a fit over it, and I can’t imagine vinegar would be any worse.

      When I make my cookies, I always make a joke to Sam about it being my French grandmother’s recipe, since it’s off the Nestle Tollhouse bag.

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      • I put my apple cider vinegar in water and in orange juice and don’t mind it at all. Do check it out with dr.
        Ah, yes, oui, Nesssslay Tollwhosah! 😛 Hahahaha!
        I hope you get some relief soon. I’m sorry you’ve been sick so long!

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  3. look, if you could do such a excellent job at coaching, why didn’t you sign up so you could volunteer and give multiple hours each week for planning, practice and games dealing with the inclement weather, know it all, ungrateful parents, and kids mind that seem to meander like a wild river?

    nothing like a verbal blow to the jaw.

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  4. First, happy birthday to LM!!!! 🎉🎂

    I’m sorry to hear the sickies haven’t let up yet. We had a bit of them here, too. Dom started with a cough and runny nose, then progressed to an ear infection the week before last, so I ended up taking that Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off of work. And we had 7 terrible nights in a row of waking up for a good chunk of time (one night I had a total of 3.5 hours of sleep, with the longest stretch being 2 hours.. and I did have to go to work the following day). I’m happy to report today was his last day on the amoxicillin and he’s pretty much back to normal. Earlier this week I started with the the congestion, but that also seems to be subsiding (before it gets to the next step, so that’s a relief). I hope the end is near for your sickies and that no one else picks anything up!!!

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