Things Kids Say: Thomas Edison

Yesterday, Little Man told me about an awesome song he’d heard at school written by Thomas Edison called “Apologize.” Now, I’m no history buff, but I was pretty sure that a) that was a song on the radio and b) that Edison wasn’t a song writer and c) even if he were a song writer, that something he had written wouldn’t have enough staying power to last for close to 100 years.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked, chuckling. “I don’t remember any history lessons about Thomas Edison writing pop songs.”

“Yes,” LM insisted. “I heard it in class today.”

I told him I’d google it. Unsurprisingly, nothing music related came up with I searched for “Thomas Edison” and “apologize song.” However, I did find a Tumblr page called “Thomas Edison is the WORST,” so there’s that.

“Check YouTube,” LM told me. “It was on there.”

The same search didn’t turn up a song written by Edison, but I did find this:

“Mom, we watched it on YouTube in class. I know it’s real,” LM told me. “Try ‘It’s too late to apologize.'”

That did the trick. We found the video he was talking about, but there was no Thomas Edison in it. It’s a constitution parody video.

After telling LM that Thomas Edison had nothing to do with the constitution, I asked if he thought the video was real.

“It could be. You said they had TV in the olden times when Papa was a little boy.”

So, for any of you folks born in 1961 (or earlier), know that you’re from the olden times.


6 thoughts on “Things Kids Say: Thomas Edison

  1. I’ve questioned the introduction of things like YouTube and other sites into the classroom for a while now. It’s too easy to find something that isn’t true or partially true, that a young impressionable mind sucks up like a sponge, and you get what happened here. I’ve blocked at the router for my daughters iPod device, among other sites. I almost lost it with her when I saw in the logs.

    We, as parents, need to lobby the school administrations to bring back Civics into the classroom. Filtering 9/11 down to a single paragraph and describing radiation poisoning after Hiroshima and Nagasaki as something trivial like a sickness isn’t doing our children any good.

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