Things Kids Say Thursday: Your Face

My kids fight. A lot. It’s rather surprising, given that they’re almost nine and two and a half, but boy do they fight. They fight over food, toys (lately it’s been Baby Girl’s pink Coupe car), the tablet. And, even though Baby Girl only weighs 25 pounds and is half as tall as Little Man, she wins a lot of those spats. That girl does not back down.


Their future?

Earlier this week, it was the tablet again. Baby Girl can’t stand it when Little Man looks at the tablet with her. I don’t know if it’s just the fact that he’s in her space or if she’s just being a CeCe, but it almost always leads to them arguing. She tells him to go away and he tells her he can look, too, and it goes downhill from there. It’s annoying as hell. I’m almost tempted to side with BG, just because whatever she watches, LM proclaims to be the worst thing ever — so there shouldn’t be any standing too close or bitchiness or whatever to fuss over in the first place.

So, Little Man was once again up in BG’s space while she was watching something on the tablet. Once she realized he was watching, she shifted the tablet out of his view. Much to her annoyance, LM moved, too.

“NO, Little Man. This MY tabit!” she told him and moved it again.

“It’s not your tablet!” LM said. “I can watch, too.” He jerked the tablet back to where he could see it.

I sighed. “Baby Girl, share or I’m turning it off,” I said sharply.

At that, she stood up and went to the recliner and climbed in it, thinking that he couldn’t sit with her. So he went and sat on the arm of the chair and slipped down, wedging himself beside her. I should’ve taken the tablet then, but I was kinda curious to see where it was gonna go. If kids are gonna annoy the hell out of you, it’s okay to use them for your entertainment every once in a while, right?

“Go play with yo’ toy, Little Man,” BG snapped. “This MY tabit.” She pulled the tablet directly in front of her face, just an inch or so from her nose, so he couldn’t see it.

“Nuh-uh! You’ve gotta share!” He jammed his face right beside hers. I shook my head. Jesus. Now neither one could really see it.

“Go away, Little Man,” BG said, pushing him. “I not like yo’ face.”

At that, LM and I both erupted in laughter. We’ve been randomly telling each other that ever since. (And, yeah, she lost the tablet.)


12 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: Your Face

  1. Yup, this was how my brother and I were growing up. We had our Mom pegged to know how far we could push it without actually getting in real trouble. Thankfully it didn’t involve technology other than the television in most cases. I’m going to use “I not like yo’ face”, that’s an awesome one liner! Kids are always good entertainment and until there is risk of injury, I generally will let it play out, mostly for my own amusement.


  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    Oh my but I couldn’t help but both chuckle and also thank my lucky stars that my kids are older and (mostly) beyond that now!


  3. I swear you just described Crash and Bang! They’re not that bad with the tablet, but they fight over everything else! I not like your face is brilliant! And that’s a tough call with the table. Do you make her share or do you make LM get out of her personal space? I think I would have told Crash to Buzz off and leave his brother alone…

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