21 Questions I Asked My Husband

I’m stealing this one from Eric at All In A Dad’s Work (see his post here), because a) I always steal his ideas and stuff and b) it’s funny. (Truthfully, he encouraged us to ask the questions, too, so I guess it’s not technically stealing, but I’m trying to work on having a more badass reputation in the blogiverse.)

Here goes, the 21 questions I asked Sam…

Q: Would you rather I be completely hairless or as hairy as a gorilla?
A: Completely hairless.

Q: What actor would play you in a movie about your life?
A: Mark Ruffalo.


Q: Who would play your love interest (aka, me) in a movie about your life?
A:  Emily Deschanel.


Q: Would you rather our children grow up to be 8 feet tall or 3 feet tall?
A: 8 feet tall.

Q: If you had to go a week without your phone, what would you miss the most about it?
A: Nothing because I don’t have a phone.

Q: What do you like most that I do in bed?
A: When you sleep without touching me.

Q: What was your first impression of me? Did you ever dislike me?
A: I was glad you weren’t 80-years old. No.

Q: What’s your favorite memory of our wedding day?
A: Seeing you walk down the aisle.

Q: If you woke up tomorrow as a woman, what would be the first three things you’d do?
A: Make my husband some breakfast, lay out his clothes, and put out his newspaper. No, I have no idea how to answer this. I’d do the same thing I’d always do — help get the kids ready, eat breakfast, and check Facebook.

Q: Would you rather use whipped cream or hot fudge?
A: Whipped cream.

Q: What do you think is your best physical feature?
A: I don’t know anymore. It used to be my chest. I still have nice eyes.

Q: What do you think is my best physical feature?
A: Your legs.

Q: If you could be on any reality TV show, which one would it be?
A: I don’t know any that are still on.

Q: Have you ever obsessed over anything? (toys, movies, projects, people, problems)
A: I obsess over stuff every day. Right now it’s the soccer team I want to coach in the spring and the soccer team on the FIFA playstation game.

Q: What were your nicknames growing up, including the ones you didn’t want to stick?
A: Razor, skint turd, RJ the BJ, Gay Ray Dolphin.

Q: If I let you dress me, what would I wear on our next date?
A: Nothing. I’m just kidding. A skirt or a dress instead of wearing pants all the time.

Q: Would you ever role play in bed?
A: Sure.

Q: Yoga pants or skirts?
A: Skirts.

Q: What song would you sing for your audition on The Voice?
A: In the Garden, it’s a gospel song.

Q: Is there a food that reminds you of me?
A: Pizza.

Q: Is there a memory you have of me that always makes you laugh?
A: You peeing in a cooler when you were drunk.

Yeah, the last one probably deserves an explanation, but just know that I was 20, a new drinker, and it was a throwaway foam cooler.

So, who else is down to ask their partner 21 questions?



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