Bad Timing, Virus

What do you get when you add a super busy week and a parent with a stomach bug together?

Nothing good!

I was in the city where I see my psychiatrist an hour away from home on Thursday when a wave of nausea hit me. I had left a store and was driving over when I began pouring sweat and feeling like I was about to puke, and then I did. Miracle of miracles, I had a bag next to me and didn’t destroy the car. I called my husband and asked him to reschedule and made the longest hour-long drive home ever.

(I’m kind of worried that I’ll still have a psychiatrist now, as I missed an appointment two weeks ago because my husband wrote down the wrong day when he called to reschedule it and then they didn’t answer when I tried to call on Thursday or Friday. They have a rule about missing two appointments and being dropped. I have no idea how strictly enforced that is, but hopefully they’ll cut me some slack.)

The next 48 hours were filled with nothing that you want to read about while zoning out browsing blogs. Hopefully no one else picks it up. Aside from not wanting people in my family to feel miserable, we’ve had puke every week since Christmas Day (which, admittedly, is only like three weeks, but feels more like three months), and it’d be nice to break that record we’re apparently going for. (On the plus side, I’ve lost 8 pounds since Thursday…all of that won’t stick, of course, but it’s still a nice silver lining until it goes away.)

On a brighter — and far less gross — note, Little Man won his school’s spelling bee last week! They had two kids from grades third through fifth, and it came down to the two third graders. He was so precious when he spelled the word for the championship. He got it right and was congratulated, and he gasped and said, “Oh my god, I won? I’ve never even been in a spelling be before and I won?!”

He will be in the district spelling bee next month, which will have him competing against kids through eighth grade! I was shocked that it wouldn’t be limited to elementary school, but hopefully he will do well. We saw a newspaper article online from last year’s district bee, and they mentioned the final eight words the last two standing had to spell, and he knew six of them. Fingers crossed!

Little Man had a science project due on Friday that he’s hoping he’ll place on (so, in between bouts of stuff you don’t want to read about, I was helping him get it put together and then found out that his project was actually due on Tuesday…sigh). He did a project on how different drinks can affect teeth using eggshells. He tested the pH level of the drinks and let it all soak for 24 hours to see which one deteriorated the eggshell the most, and (of course) my favorite — Coke — won. It was followed by wine and then coffee. It was his idea to include wine — “My favorite god is Dionysus, so we’ve gotta!” — and his teacher said some of the kids were freaking out, thinking that he actually drinks wine.

So, that’s my week. I hope y’all had a good one and will be making my way around your blogs to find out. 🙂


16 thoughts on “Bad Timing, Virus

  1. Gotta love a third grader with a favorite god — be it of wine, or whatever else!

    Here’s hoping the fam all feels better soon. Not that record-breaking isn’t fun and all, but still… 🙂

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    • Indeed! I broke out my pictures from a trip to Greece another lifetime ago today and he was thrilled to see some of the temples dedicated to the different gods and goddesses.

      Thank you! Maybe next time we can go for something that involves less extra laundry.

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  2. Ugh, i hope you’re feeling better. Nausea/stomach bugs are the worst.

    Such a clever Little Man. Well done on the spelling bee & the science project! (I saw a t-shirt at the store today that said Little Man and I thought of you.) And I love that he knows about the gods. Good luck to him in the next round!!

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    • Getting there! For real, it’s so hard to get the house clear, even with all the lysol in the world.

      His teacher has him reading Percy Jackson, and he’s so into it! It’s so fun to see them get passionate over their interests. Thanks!


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  3. Geez. I don’t feel so hot myself. Gonna keep a garbage can nearby now. Brilliant idea to add wine into the project. When I was teaching in VA I witnessed a 4th grade beat an 8th grader in the spelling bee. It was incredible 🙂

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