Let It Snow

There are three things that are big deals in the South: God, football, and snow. Since the last one only happens in a big way every few winters or so (and by “big way,” I mean more than a dusting that only produces a few snowballs), it’s a really big deal. At the mere mention of the possibility of a flurry two weeks out, we Southerners start buying propane for our camping stoves and batteries for our flashlights. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration — more like one week out.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, snow is on the way. The weatherman is predicting a whopping four to six inches for my neck of the woods in South Carolina.

On top of snow on Friday and Saturday, it’s gonna be super cold on Sunday and Monday — with the low getting down to one freaking degree one night and nine degrees another. Our schools closed down one day and did delays the next when the temp got down to the teens a year or two ago, so even if the snow gods do screw us over, I’m pretty sure the kids will be getting a long weekend.

Today I ran out to the grocery store and stocked up on bread and milk and a few other items. I could justify my shopping trip with the fact that we were out of milk and had only three slices of bread, plus an end piece (the other one fell in the floor when I was fixing LM’s sandwich), but I’m totally gonna pretend that it was all about #breadandmilkSNOMG. Walmart’s parking lot looked like Black Friday at two in the afternoon. The shelves were mostly wiped, but I did luck out (sort of) and got a loaf of Walmart brand sandwich sliced bread.

I’ll probably get cabin fever and be cursing the snow by Sunday, but otherwise, bring it on.


30 thoughts on “Let It Snow

  1. Up here, we don’t do that you know. We have snow plows and salt trucks galore. I drove to and from work as well as the grocery store in whiteout conditions just today in fact. But when I lived in Georgia, I quickly became aware of the Snowmageddon via, “What the hell people, my kids need milk, too!” I experienced at the store.
    I have a post called In Defense of Southern Snow for this very reason.
    I’m glad you lucked out on the bread 🙂
    We’re dippin low today, and tomorrow and maybe even over the weekend, but The Mister told me the 40s are comin next week, so that’s nice. Imma need gas by then 😉

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    • Yeah, you guys scoff at our mere inches 😄 I bet you stayed off the road down here, we can’t drive for shit in snow. (Or rain or normal conditions, but especially snow.)

      That still sounds cold to me 😄

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      • It’s a relative thing. It’s 9 today, which we all agree is cold. Wind bitey. Brr. I’m okay above 20.
        I drove in it there, but only on post, so not too bad. Wouldn’t have made any trips!

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  2. In my neck of the woods, we have torrential rain which is causing floods in several states resulting in school closure 😦 Anyway, hope you and your family take care! One degree??? That’s freaking cold!

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  3. Wow, those shelves look like something out of “The Walking Dead” after Rick and his team have scavenged the shop.
    I don’t know how cold “1 degree” is but I seem to recall that zero degrees is “lots” (32?) on the Fahrenheit scale so 1 must be quite chilly!

    Okay, I Googled it. That’s -17C! The coldest I’ve ever known is -15C in Germany. It’s currently (+) 8C here.
    Stay inside 🙂

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  4. Snow on the way? Crap, need to get bread, milk and eggs pronto. How can we make french toast while stuck in the house otherwise? LOL It’s always the same every winter. I stock up on non-perishables during the summer so I don’t have to dodge the white-knuckle drivers….. getting bread, milk and eggs.

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  5. You’re getting the storm that we’re going to get Saturday night and into Sunday. Except they’re calling for 8-12 inches of snow for us. I can’t wait! SNOWMEN and SLEDDING! (oh, and lots of shovelling).

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  6. I’ll save my usual rant on Southerners and snow…. because it cracks me up that someone ditched a couple bags of M&M’s to pick up some bread. The tradeoffs customers make while shopping always amuse me at work (Like dumping bras to buy laundry detergent)….

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  7. Haha it always amazes me how different parts of the country/world react to snow. A dusting up here (northeast) means nothing but elsewhere is cause for major shutdowns and closures, or even cancelled flights and shut down airports! But when we have forecasts for blizzard conditions our stores look just the same. In fact year before last I took pretty much the exact same picture of the bread aisle at Target. We’re supposed to get snow off and on tomorrow, so we’ll see. (I also heard my aunt in VA Beach has prediction of possible up to 15″ of snow… that’s crazy!)

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  8. haha, they were out of milk at my Food Lion too so I ended up at a Super Walmart (which I usually avoid). I think I got the last of the bread there – waited in line 40 mins! Everyone and their brother was there getting ready for the big snow!

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  9. They’re predicting anything from no snow and just ice to ice and 8 inches of snow for my part of Eastern North Carolina. From the photo, there was more bread left on the shelf than when I went to my store – every bread product was sold out! Luckily, I’d bought my groceries on Wednesday 😉

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