New Year, But No New Me

I’m not a big New Year’s resolutions person. I do tend to get a little more introspective around this time of year and make some goals for the year, but I’m not going to try to pull a 180 with my life or go “New Year, New Me.” It’s cool if that’s your thing, but setting big lofty goals that I get gung-ho over doesn’t work for me, as I tend to screw up pretty quickly, get down on myself (or even full blown depressed), and never get anything done.

So, one of my goals for last year was to diversify my toddlerish palate. This year I came to like coffee. I pretty much need the weakest version there is plus lots of creamer, but at least I can (sort of) legit have coffee with a friend without ordering Coke. I also came to like hot tea (which might be called plain old tea by those of you who aren’t Southerners and don’t throw a shit ton of ice and sugar in it to make it taste like heaven).


I’m pretty sure I found a couple of actual foods that I liked, but I can’t remember for the life of me what they were. (Mini 2017 goal: improve memory.) I also tried a few new things — some I liked, some I didn’t. I especially liked the wyagu steak I had with my husband in Charleston (while it doesn’t exactly count as something new since it’s steak, I wouldn’t typically have tried something foreign to me), but I wasn’t wild over the edamame, to put it nicely. I’m going to keep this goal going into this year.

I also wanted to improve my health. I did lose a little weight. It was just a drop in the bucket for what I need to lose, so I plan to keep working on it. I’m going to be more aggressive about it this year. I also cut down on my Coke consumption and plan to continue doing so, which will help a lot, as that’s by far my biggest source of empty calories.

I do have a goal to add to those for this year — cut down on spending. Namely the impulse spending. Some of it I blame on bipolar, but a lot of it is $5 or $10 here and there on toys, junk at checkout for the kids, takeout, etc. All of that adds up. Last year wasn’t the best year money-wise (our dog’s surgery and needing a new central air unit were rather costly), so I’m hoping that this year we’ll be able to put more towards paying off debt and savings. (I feel like I should add that I’m grateful that we’re in a position where we were able to take care of those things.)

It’s not a life goal, but I also want to open at Etsy shop this year to sell necklaces and other jewelry. The necklaces I made for everyone for Christmas this year were a hit (two people even cried), so I’m going to test the waters and see how selling them goes. That would certainly help with our money goal if I could get something started with that, plus I enjoy making them. If that doesn’t work out, then maybe I’ll get back to doing some freelance work.

Here’s to 2017. Do you have one goal in mind for the year?


25 thoughts on “New Year, But No New Me

  1. My one goal for 2017 is to use technology in such a way that it doesn’t impact the things in my life I want to be present for: family, friends, conversation, etc. The glowing screen face has, very recently, been making me see red when I’m trying to curb and no one around me is listening to anything I’m saying. If I’m successful at this, I can no longer be the “excuse” people give me when I demand their full attention because my phone/laptop are powered off or out of reach. I’ve got a post coming up that will detail my goals, with the ultimate hope of posting positive updates after a few weeks. Good luck with the Etsy jewelry endeavor, make sure to post links to things you’ve listed, I’m always looking for interesting things to get my daughter.

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  2. I loved those necklaces, and when I did it was too late to get in on the goods! I’m happy to know you’re making them again 🙂
    It’s really important to drink Tab. LOL I want Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper and Stewart’s orange cream soda and Cheerwine, but it’s really important to drink Tab and water. Water, bleh. 😉
    Leaky hose spending is the worst, because when you keep track of it, you’re like, OMG, We spent $400 on gas station drinks and snacks this year! but you don’t think of it like a treat, you were just snackish like that, and really, SHAME. Hah.
    Best of luck with your new year 😀

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    • 😀

      Haha! I’m not sure if anyone sells Tab around here, but I’m gonna check. Nasty diet Coke just ain’t happening. My doc once suggested that I drink Diet Coke and I told her I’d rather drink water. She was all, “Well…” but I pretended not to take the hint.

      I’d hate to see what ours got up to. I could see spending at least $10 per week on snacks either after school, after sports, or just because we wanted to calm the Toddler Devil.

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      • Yup. I don’t track that stuff anymore, but I cannot deny it made me more mindful 🙂
        Check for the Tab. It tastes like 1982 (before you were born?) and it doesn’t give me headaches.

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  3. Like you, for the same reasons, I tend to shun making resolutions. I resolve not to make resolutions. I have some things, teetering back and forth, in my mind for things to do, I just haven’t gotten around to solidifying them yet. (Maybe I need to resolve not to procrastinate? I’ll think about it…) I think your not-resolutions sound just right: do-able and specific and things you can track or quantify.

    I had to smile because in the same post you mentioned cutting down on Coke and then on the delights southern sweet tea (which to this northerner is about the same as drinking a bottle of Karo).

    I don’t know if it would work for you, but one thing that helped me in the nickel and dime overspending issue (besides dire poverty due to unemployment, which I don’t recommend) is to never carry cash, or darn little of it. I use a debit card for everything. That debit card leaves a trail of spending. I download that info into Quicken. If nothing else it shames you to see how much you are spending on what. Like, I totally would have denied going to fast food as often as I did, until seeing it there, in my face, in Quicken. You can’t lie (easily) to Quicken.

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  4. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    The only goal I have set this year is to be healthier. I am doing through moderating my soda (pop for those Northerners), eating a bit better and back to exercising.

    No weight goals or anything like that, just wanna make that small progress.

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    • Had to tap into the hubby’s 401k, but better paying back interest on that to ourselves than to someone else!

      After I get some made and get the store up, I’ll post a link on the blog. The cool thing about the necklaces is that they can be anything you want. My stepsister gave birth about a week before Christmas, and I printed a photo of her newborn and made a necklace out of it. I also did some specific for grandparents, fans of other sports team. It’s cool how easy it is to make them so personalized.

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  5. I quit making resolutions. I feel like a quitter on two accounts… That I’m quitting something I generally enjoy (ie Coke) and again when I quit quitting whatever I was quitting to begin with. If that makes sense, you’re smarter than the average bear 🙂

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  6. Like you, I want/need to get better with $$. Our AC went out on Xmas day, mere months after we had to put a new roof on the house. Ouch. Until we get Felix out of day care/play school, we won’t be able to make much tractions.
    As for me, I don’t do resolutions, per se. I did start another stint on the Whole 30; I’m on day 3 – 10%. Wheeeee! But that’s more to detox myself from making rather merry for a rather extended amount of time. I also STARTED TO READ A BOOK for the first time in YEARS. It’s time to make more time for my grown-up brain.

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