TWAMS Year In Review

(TWAMS: That’s What Anxious Mom Said. Twams. Yeah, that’s not gonna work. I promise to never use that again.)

So, I guess WordPress isn’t doing the Year In Review thing anymore. I’ve gotten that email or notification (I can’t remember which) the past two years telling me how awesome my year was, which posts rocked the most, etc. I suppose I’ll have to do the hard work myself this time. And by doing the “hard work,” I mean looking at the stats that have been neatly compiled by WordPress

Here goes.


As you can see from the bar graph, the blog took a hit from 2015. Ouch. I had 193 posts in 2016 compared to 236 posts in 2015. The number from 2015 would be higher if you counted the many posts I changed to private, so that would make the drop about right numbers wise. Maybe this year I’ll blog more and network more, get back on Twitter and Facebook and all that crap. But probably not.

On to more interesting things…

WordPress shows me the top commenters on my blog. It only shows it for the past 1,000 comments rather than for the whole year, so that will have to do.

Just Plain Ol Vic

Thanks for taking the time to comment y’all and other y’alls not listed. 😀

Now for the top posts that I wrote in 2016 (based on views rather than likes, as that’s what the stats page is showing me). Certain posts and pages got more views (like my homepage, about page, and the You’re Killing Me Smalls post), but I’m going to focus just on what I wrote this year. So, my top ten posts for the year were:

Meet A Blogger: Victo Dolore
Three Fictional Characters Challenge
Meet A Blogger: The Monster In Your Closet
A To Z Theme Reveal: Text Speak
Mommy Started The Fire!
You’re So Lucky
Funny Friday: That’s No Jesus
The Birthday Girl
Mommy Do It
Throwback Thursday: My Shame

Now for a stat that tends to be equal parts amusing and horrifying — my search terms. Here’s the top search terms that led to my site in 2016:


The top list was more horrifying than amusing. And, boy, I’ve gotten a lot of hits on my Captain Morgan post over the past few weeks. I guess people have been overdoing it with the Captain during the holidays (hopefully they didn’t overdo it as bad as I did, though).

Since that list leaned more creepy than amusing, I’m going to include my top ten favorite search terms from the year:

  1. How to have hair like Meg Ryan
  2. Why do I blank out after Captain Morgans
  3. Puke bake sex
  4. Yoda fuck with him you do not
  5. Stepmom caught cleaning with no clothes on
  6. Anakin Skywalker scar
  7. Realizing you were a crap mother and what to do about it
  8. Captain Morgans makes me sick
  9. My husband is the least protective
  10. Michael Jackson ghost chant got a ghost

Some of those were freaking long! And you gotta love that number seven led to my blog. (Yep, I’m gonna laugh rather than believe that maybe the universe is trying to send me a message, as that will only lead to more therapy.)

I can’t think of anymore stats for 2016 to add beyond these. So, now you know everything about my blogging year. Possibly more than you wanted to know. Almost definitely, even. Aside from blogging regularly and avoiding the week-long (and sometimes more) breaks that happened in the last half of the year, I don’t really have any blogging goals for 2017. Maybe I should change my name to Slack Mom?

Now it’s your turn — did you have any blogging goals for 2016 that you met? Any stats that you were proud of, found amusing, etc.? Maybe you want to share your top/favorite post from 2016 for me and all of the ones and ones of bloggers that will read this post to check out? 😀


29 thoughts on “TWAMS Year In Review

  1. I’m also disappointed that WordPress isn’t doing the year in review, and right now I just don’t want to do the hard work myself. I met my personal goal of blogging more (every day! which won’t happen this year) and posting more on others’ blogs. I didn’t have any unusual search terms, so maybe that can be a goal for next year.

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  2. I’m glad you shared this. HIGH-larry-us in parts. 🙂 Even if WP did the stat thing this year, mine would be sooooooo changed due to that minor detail of taking a year off from posting. I didn’t lose many so-called followers, technically, but in reality the views are way, way down. That’s ok, I’m not into stats, but like you did, I find the search words, etc. to be very amusing. I think my highest viewed postswere either the 3-parter on spiders or the one about fear of tubes of biscuits (all a few years old and currently set to private as I haven’t gotten around to editing them for current times). I think at one time if you Googled “fear of biscuits” my blog came up #1. LoL!

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  3. Okay. Two things: “mom kicks testicles.” BWA-HA! I almost snorted my coffee. Also, I thought about doing one of these posts and was discouraged, but thanks to you, I”m gonna do it. 🙂

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  4. I don’t look at my stats, because they lie. I look at my likes and comments and you know, the quality of humans I’m dealin with here. If I go look, my dreams may be dashed…

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  5. Nothing from 2016 to add. But I can now say that I officially have a blogging goal for 2017: write something that would draw search hits from the phrase “Yoda fuck with him you do not.”

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