Things Kids Say Thursday: Quiz Time

Over the past few days, I’ve been filling in the answers to one of those toddler quizzes going around on Facebook. There was no way I was getting Baby Girl to sit down and have a Q&A session with me, so slipped them in while we were playing, eating, etc.

Here’s your glimpse inside the mind of a toddler…

What’s your name? Kate Kate. (She briefly went to calling herself Baby [Real Name] and has now switched back to Kate Kate.)

How old are you? 1. I’m 2 and 1, Mommy. And 3 and 4. (Mostly she tells people she’s one since she gets frustrated that she can’t hold up two fingers straight, which is imperative for being honest about one’s age. And then they marvel over her vocabulary and I have to break the news that she’s really two.)

When is your birthday? I want my birthday. (Sings) Happy birthday to Kate Kate!

How old is mommy? 4.

How old is daddy? 3.

What’s your favorite color? Brown.

What’s your favorite food? Pizza.

Who’s your best friend? Price.

What’s your favorite show? Star Wars.

What’s your favorite movie? Star Wars.

(No kidding her favorite thing on TV right now is Star Wars.)

What’s your favorite song? Twinkle Little Star.

What’s your favorite animal? Sheep.

What are you scared of? *Growls*

What makes you happy? (Raises hands in air) I’m happy!

Where is your favorite place to go? I like to go home and play tablet. And Chuck E Cheese.

What is mommy’s favorite thing to do? Play house.

What’s daddy’s favorite thing to do? Get on his computer.

What’s your favorite thing to do? Drink milk.

What’s your brother’s favorite thing to do? Play with MY toys.

If you’re detecting a bit of hostility towards Little Man on that last one, you’re right. He has taken quite an interest in her Little People play house she received for Christmas, and it’s pissing her off immensely.

The conversation has been going something like this —

“That MY house, Little Man!”
“You have to SHARE, Baby Girl!”
“YOU SHARE, Little Man. This MINE.”
“Mom, she’s not sharing!”
“Jesus Christ, y’all, again?”

Fun times!


22 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: Quiz Time

  1. I so miss those days with my daughter. I’ve been to Chuck E Cheese about 6 times in the last few years, I no longer eat or drink anything there. Getting violently ill two times in a row just after being there convinced me that it was better to go hungry.

    I also share the enthusiasm for Star Wars (and Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, basically anything with a space theme). I don’t get that excited though 🙂 She’s adorable.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You practically need a hazmat suit to go in there! Someone always gets sick after going to one of those places.

      Haha! I don’t dance, but all three of us (husband, LM, and me) cried during the opening crawl of Episode 7.

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  2. Sissy was…10 when the babies got their play kitchen. They were delighted she wanted to play with them. I had never paused to consider how much I should be grateful for that until now, so thank you.
    We had gotten rid of her kitchen when she was almost 8, she never played with it…

    By the by, you write very well for a three-year-old — your spelling and punctuation is especially good 😉

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  3. Oh my. Let the lying about age begin. I adore the idea that you are playing house…. the real house keeping sucks. Yes, men love their computers. Isn’t it interesting how we always through the “share” at people because we really want their stuff, but can’t think about it for our own stuff? Thanks for a great first reading after a long break.

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  4. Ahh the mind of a child. It can be a scary place. As for the sibling rivalry, it’s here too. Bang gets a new toy and 2 minutes (not an exaggeration) later Crash asks, “Bang can I have a turn? DAAAAAD HE’S NOT SHARING!” I just tell him to wait his turn.

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