All The Christmas Things

This is very likely the last year that Little Man will believe in Santa Claus. He no longer thinks the Elf on the Shelf is real (mainly because he found the box Rufus lives in the other 11 months of the year) and he has been questioning whether Santa is real again. (He first did this when he was three or four — scoffed at the idea of a sleigh traveling such a far distance without a jet pack.)


This was my effort at getting LM to believe in Rufus again. Can’t imagine why it didn’t work.

I always thought that when LM seriously asked me about Santa (especially considering that we do a watered down version of Santa) that I’d tell him the truth.

I didn’t.

After being bummed over the Elf, I want to finish this Christmas with him waking up on Christmas morning looking under the tree thinking something magical has happened. We can talk about other types of Christmas magic, but you know the one I’m talking about will be lost forever after this year.

When he asked, I turned the question around on LM and asked what he thought. He rambled on a bit, then asked me again, and I started rambling about the magic and spirit of Christmas. After going on, he lost the ability to pay attention (which I was banking on) and went on to something else. He also got a letter from the North Pole in the mail (from a festival he went to), plus I’m going to do the Portable North Pole app on my phone for a message from Santa, so — by God — we’re going to get through these next six days with him believing in something that I didn’t care if he believed in in the first place when he was little. Funny how that works. And when he finally does stop believing, I’m gonna bawl my eyes out since that means those little boy days are coming to an end. (This would be the part where Sam would be all, “E, stop getting sad over when the kids grow up! God!”)

Despite Little Man’s decreased interest in Rufus, I’ve been trying to keep our Elf active. Baby Girl thinks that Rufus is actually Santa and will talk to him about what she wants for Christmas (we’re now at “a ball, a book, a hamburger, and a Snowman”). She doesn’t get the pranks, though. She will next year, and I bet LM will be able to come up with some fun things. Overall, I’ve missed a few nights moving the Elf, but found that getting online after the rest of the family goes to bed and catching up on blog reading helps me. Namely, reading StomperDad’s Daily Elf post is what helps me. His post reminds me to move the thing, plus sometimes I steal what his elves did.


Snowball fiiiight!


Rufus TP’d the tree! Stolen from StomperDad.

We took the kids to see Santa at the mall last weekend. I waited three hours while Sam roamed around with the kids. We really wanted a nice picture of the two kids with Santa for the Christmas card, but when our turn came up, Baby Girl wanted no part of Santa. “I scared, Mommy. I don’t like him!” she told me. As I tried to escort her out, the pissed off elf helper tried to make me put her down on Santa’s lap for the $30 picture. That didn’t happen, and she came dangerously close to seeing that “Pissed Off Mommy Over Not Respecting Boundaries” is a hella lot more scary than “Pissed Off Elf Over Not Selling A Picture.” I got some grumbling about “parents these days,” but whatever.

Since that didn’t work out, we took some pictures at home. A few of them were bad enough that we could’ve used them to be funny (like last year), but I settled on one super sweet picture to send everyone.

And, since this has turned into a random, all over the place, holiday post, I might as well talk about my baking.

I was the treat master today.

I baked a cheesecake (despite being cracked, Sam said it was the best he’d had anywhere), dipped Oreo’s and peanut butter chocolate graham crackers into chocolate, made Andes chocolate bark, made praline squares, and made a huge thing of Christmas crack (lots of chocolate and peanuts). screenshot-2016-12-19-at-2-11-47-am

Hooray for sugar and chocolate!

That’s the last of the baking I’ll have to do until the end of the week. I’m making a chocolate cake for my mother-in-law’s get-together, but that’s it (I think).

This coming week is going to be hectic, though. (I’m preaching to the choir, I know!) Between now and December 25th, I’ve got Christmas cards to mail, last minute shopping, I’ve gotta go to LM’s school and teach jewelry making, we’re going out for my belated birthday dinner tomorrow, catching a Christmas light show on Tuesday, on Wednesday Sam and I just might get the evening to ourselves and instead of wrapping presents, we’ll go see Rogue One again. Aaand then…Thursday is when we get together with our friends to exchange gifts, Little Man has a birthday party to attend on Friday, and Saturday — Christmas Eve — is when we’ll be doing all the cleaning and cooking for our Christmas Eve meal (which will be for four people, not 15), plus crafts, movies, and hot cocoa. And then comes Christmas Day, opening presents, hosting a brunch, followed by Christmas at my Dad’s, then Christmas at my in-laws, followed by a brunch the next day at my former stepmom’s house.

(If I write down all the things I have to do in more than one place, then it’s more likely that I’ll remember to do them…or at least stumble across where I wrote them down and get reminded that way, right? We’ll see.)

How’s your week looking? Crazy busy or are you avoiding some of the madness?


21 thoughts on “All The Christmas Things

  1. Crash questions me once about a week ago. He told me he think his mom and I eat the cookies and buy the presents. I didn’t make eye contact and just mumbled something like “I wouldn’t do that. They’re not mine”. He left it at that. He still thinks the elves are real. Wait until you see this evening’s Daily Elf!! 😀

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  2. I’m hoping like hell this week is calm and bright. My only Xmas prep left is wrapping my colleagues’ gifts (which I’m bracing myself for this very second), attending my daughter’s class party, and our annual Zoo Lights trip. All very manageable. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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  3. My wife shared her smartphone calendar with me so I can look at what we have to do the next two weeks and still ask her a hundred times 🙂

    We did our baking this past Saturday. I made Springerle’s for the first time ever and they turned out quite well. No more buying them at the German stand at the farm market for a ridiculous price per bag.

    Our Elf is going to garland the whole house on Christmas Eve. It’s the last year for him as my daughter is starting to get that he’s not actually real. Going out with a mic drop!

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  4. Uh, you really make the rounds like some kinda people-person! Phew, I’m all worn-out!
    I love the photo you chose 🙂
    Treat making I think will start Thursday here, but probably more the no-bake and dipping sort. I’m not going anywhere for people-ing until the 30th. My shopping’s done, but some of Bubba’s gifts are not yet wrapped and I’m mailing to my parents today. Not too busy for me.

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  5. Advice from a mom and grandmother. You can try this if you like, it worked for me. When my children were 8,6 and 1, the eight year old came home from school and announced to me there is no Santa Clause. I was shocked. I sat him down and asked why he thinks that, his answer was the kids in his class told him. “Is Santa real mom or not”? My answer went as follows; “You don’t have to believe in Santa but in this house we all believe. The thing is if you don’t believe that’s alright but remember this. Once you stop believing you won’t see any more toys under the tree for yourself. Oh, you will get presents like clothing, books, maybe a new jacket etc. but no toys. I will leave it up to you, you are old enough to make your own decision”. He thought about what I told him for a bit and then looked at me and said; “Do you still believe in Santa mom”?
    “Yes I do, he is magical and makes children very happy”. He looked at me as I waited holding my breath and said; “OK I believe”, and started up the steps to his room. I heard him talking as he climbed the steps: “I hope I still get Batman for Christmas”.

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  6. Okay. I’m in a place now you may have been: I’m not sure what to tell Wee One about Santa. I mean, I don’t know if I should start that story with her, or how much I’ll get into it. She’ll hear about it, bot course, but I don’t know if I want to do the whole “Ooh! I think I hear his sleigh on the roof! Better get to bed!” How is it magical for kids? I’m sorry if that’s a dumb question, but I don’t really remember it being so for me, and while I want magic for Wee One, I don’t know how Santa does that.

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    • LM loves the idea of Santa, but we don’t do the naughty/nice thing, reindeer on the roof, plus he only brings 3 or so things that LM knows we pay off Santa for. Frankly I’m not sure how he gets into it so much at all because that sounds blah lol. We really emphasize the spirit of Christmas and of giving, love, all that, so I guess part of the magic is associating all those things?

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      • Well, I’ve been doing some research (I am really overthinking this). I saw this video of this kid to found Santa had been to his house, and he was so cute. I don’t know if your kids do this, but when Wee One gets really excited, her little arms and hands go out straight while she shrieks, and the runs in place a little bit. That’s what this kid was doing, and I was like, I would love to see her do that! Also, in my research, I found two points that are really sticking with me: 1. Santa is a cultural construct that we share, and leaving her out of it keeps her from sharing that with her cohorts. 2. I’ve been looking up imagination and cognitive development, and Santa is quite useful and valuable. So I’ve got that going for me.


  7. sheesh, by now I thought most kids knew about the elf on a shelf already… mainly because when I walk into Barnes and Noble, there’s a big display to sell them right near the main doors. But then again, I don’t have kids so I don’t know enough about it–from what I heard of my friends who do it, it was more just a fun and games thing, like where’s waldo but with an elf. Maybe that’s how they do it, I dunno. Still, sounds neat. And I guess the parents make sure never to bring their kids into a Barnes and Noble during December to avoid spoiling it. Yeah, that might be it.

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