It’s The Zombie Apocalypse, Charlie Brown!

(For the record, this post has nothing to do with Charlie Brown. But it does have something to do with Christmas, and anything related to Christmas — or Halloween — is fair game for a It’s ____, Charlie Brown title. Now you know.)

I’m not usually very good at Pinterest stuff. Occasionally I have wins, but most of them turn out like the dollhouse (hint — mine is on the right).


My husband was online a couple days ago and saw a recipe for Rudolph pancakes. He got all excited about them and made them last night. When he finished, he asked to borrow my phone to take a picture of the pancakes. I was busy at the moment, but quickly became unbusy after he handed over the phone and I saw his Rudolph.

Here it is:

His is also on the right.

As some of y’all can imagine, I could not stop laughing. I spent the better part of two hours getting fits of giggles over those things. “Rabid” and “zombie reindeer that will eat Baby Girl” were a couple of terms people used to describe it after I shared it everywhere. (So a few of y’all are possibly seeing this for a third time now.)

To add to the funny, Sam didn’t get why I was laughing at first. Neither did Little Man, not until I pulled up a picture to remind Sam and show LM what the pancakes were supposed to look like. And then we all howled with laughter, except for Baby Girl, who didn’t give a crap because she had chocolate chips and high fructose corn syrup in front of her for supper. (Coincidentally, it took her a solid 2.5 hours to go to sleep last night. I’m guessing part of that was karma getting at me for laughing so much.)

In case you want to make the Rudolphs and not have them look all sinister, it may help knowing that Sam blamed it on having purchased the wrong canned whip. He bought Cool Whip in a can over Redi-Whip. Sam thinks that had the Cool Whip not melted as quickly, that his Rudolphs would’ve looked perfect. I didn’t say a word.

Have you ever made food that turned out looking like something that would suck out your soul?


16 thoughts on “It’s The Zombie Apocalypse, Charlie Brown!

  1. I don’t usually cook things that I see online, but use ideas online to make my own dishes to my peculiar urges to experiment. My father would do the same when we were growing up and I dreaded the line “Just try it, you’ll like it.” That translated into “Yeah, not sure how this will taste to be honest.” One such experiment involved pastry, laid out in logs, that were supposed to be covered with what looked like really good cinnamon sugar syrup. He didn’t let them rise, so once cooked, you could pound a nail into the wall with one. We graciously dubbed them “poop logs” and when we were done laughing, we laughed uncontrollably again. He never made them again.

    In Sam’s defense, I’ve never been able to make pancakes like you get at a diner. They’re either burned, so dry they fall apart, or raw in the middle. He should get some points for at least trying 🙂

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    • Hahaha!

      He does! The trick (for me, anyway) is to use a nonstick surface and cook on medium low. That way the surface doesn’t cook too fast, leaving the inside raw. Using shortening like he did when it’s not needed makes them tough and splotchy.

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  2. I made a Pinterest Halloween version of devilled eggs once, whereby you make “spiders” out of black olives on top. Genius, no? Well what those bastards neglected to mention was that if you weren’t a tiny child with needle fingers, food tweezers would be required. My “spiders” ended up looking somewhat like mutant turtles (not the teenage ninja variety) or the Le Brea tar pit.

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  3. On occassion the boys will ask for a pancake shaped like “something”. Be it a dumptruck or bulldozer or some other machine. My pancake drawing skills are severely lacking. Sam should “Pancake Printer”. That think is amazing!

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  4. A bit of TMI, but… I was at work when I read this. Specifically I had to go to the bathroom and I took my smart phone with me, because. So I’m sitting there and see/read this and just break out laughing, loudly, and then had to stop, quickly, because: work. Anyone walking down the hallway would have been hearing loud laughing coming from the bathroom. I stayed in long enough to avoid being identified, just in case. 🙂

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