I’ve mentioned before that one of my goals for this year is to learn to like new food. It sounds like it flies in the face of the whole “lose weight” thing, but it’s a decent enough goal for a picky eater, since being more diverse and eating all the colors of the rainbow would be a good thing.


That’s not me — I’m just picky.

On Monday night, we cooked edamame to go with our super fancy dinner of chicken nuggets (at least they were the expensive all natural ones, which means less guilt), cucumbers, potatoes, and fruit. Little Man had allegedly tried it at a relative’s house a couple years ago (she said he ate it, he said he didn’t, classic edamame he-said-she-said), but none of the rest of us had. Sam was the first to try it.

“They’re good. Reminds me of lima beans.”

Next was Little Man, who loves lima beans.

“Yuck. God that’s awful!” He asked to opt out of the rest.

Next was me. Let me tell you — there is serious drama when I try new food or try to reintroduce my taste buds to food that I previously declared to be enemies of the state. I stare down the food. I will myself to pick it up. I panic and back out, declaring that I just can’t do it. After much coaxing from whoever happens to be around (and sometimes, if my dad is there, offers of monetary rewards), I’ll pick it up again and try to make myself do it. Often I fail.


The drama with the edamame was no different from the drama with the squash or the okra or the beautiful steak sub with the peppers, tomatoes, and onions. After chants of “Eat it, eat it!” from Sam and Little Man (before you judge the food example I’m setting for my kids, at least they weren’t chanting “Chug, chug!”), I picked up a single edamame bean and put it in my mouth and bit down. It was kinda hard — not what I was expected — so I retched and spit it out and acted like I had just put poison in my mouth, much to the amusement of Sam and LM.

And then it was Baby Girl’s turn. Baby Girl is far pickier than I am. She’s a toddler, but still. There’s not usually any negotiating with Baby Girl. No “I’ll give you five bucks to take one bite of okra” or “You’ll get a bite of cookie if you take a bite of carrot.” She’ll demand the reward and go her merry way, but rarely will she actually taste anything. The edamame was no exception.

“Mommy, I not like that!” she said when I asked her to eat one of the pretty green beans. She then picked one up and slammed it down and copied my retching before cackling, which sent Sam and Little Man into another fit of giggles.

“Come on Baby Girl…just lick one. It’s so good!”

She picked one up and pretended to lick it in a very exaggerated way. “Mmm MMM that good!” she said and started laughing again, clearly catering to her audience.

“Mom, you practically threw up the edamame, she’s not gonna eat that!” Little Man informed me. He was right, of course. After a bit more prodding, BG refused to taste it, although she did pretend to lick one a few more times. After the kids finished up, BG grabbed a few beans and took them over to our dog — he loved them.

On the upside, Baby Girl did eat some of the cucumbers. They were peeled and she thought they were lemons and wanted one and then wanted more (yay!). I wasn’t aware that she liked lemons, I’ll take it.


20 thoughts on “EdaYUCK!

  1. Well, I had to Google “edamame”. I don’t know what lima beans are either 🙂

    Okay, I just Googled lima beans and it turns out we call them “butter beans”. I’m sure I disliked them sometime in the distant past 🙂

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  2. My family loves edamame, which are basically soy beans in a shell. I called them super peas (daughter loves peas) and she at them without a worry. I like them already out of the pod, as they take too much effort when in the pod to eat them, I mean, c’mon, you only get two or three beans at a time. Since getting older, I’ve started to re-try everything again in the hopes of finally getting away from convenience food. I still don’t like mushrooms and okra I’m convinced is an acquired taste. Through experimentation, I’ve found that mixing in the “eww” with things that are “yum”, the “eww” is often overlooked and consumed without yucky faces.

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    • Gotta work for it 😀 I got a bag that you steam in the microwave, so maybe we were doomed from the get go. I like that, whenever I mix up stuff in soups or stew, Little Man rarely picks through it for anything he dislikes. Even I won’t take the time to sort through a stew 😛

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  3. Haha! Well our whole family loves edamame, but I admit, I steam it and coat it in sea salt, sometimes other spices, so we’re the sort who suck the beans out of the pods 😛 We can eat a pound of it in a sit-com time-frame.

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  4. I’ll join you in the “ick” column on edamame. Additionally things like edamame and tempeh just are horrible on my gut. Pouring cement down my throat would be more pleasant. Oddly I can tolerate tofu (and even like it in some things) but the coarser soy…oy! 🙂

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  5. I agree, you have to cook edemame the right way for it to be good. I do enjoy it at restaurants. Still in the pod, and the pod is salted so as you bite the bean out the salt goes with it. I’ve typically had it at sushi type places. I’ve always meant to try at home but haven’t got around to it…

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