Baby Girl Got It

Last week I made a post about Baby Girl being less than thrilled with me when I told her not to stick her hand down her diaper and grab her poop. It was her poop and her stinky butt, after all — who was I to interfere with that, right? Well, yesterday was Baby Girl’s Revenge.

While I was doing dishes, BG walked up to me looking absolutely gleeful and had her arm outstretched.

“Mommy, I got it! I got it!”

She waved her hand at me, and I noticed that there was something covering her fingers. She got it all right — a fist full of squishy poop. (Hope you weren’t eating.) I used lots of wipes. Lots and LOTS of wipes, followed by lots and lots of soap.

Not poop. This is cho

From a different day — not poop. This is one is chocolate, thankfully.

I ordered some long sleeve onesies on Amazon for her to wear under her shirts to make digging around in there a little more difficult while we wait for this phase to pass or for her to get potty trained. I’m not sure if either will happen before she turns three, because a) second child and b) she never makes things easy on us.

Now for some non shitty news…

Remember how Little Man hoped to make the soccer All Star team this year? They had a meeting over the weekend to rank the players, and Little Man was in a three-way tie for 9th place. He had to make the top ten to be on the team, so the coach over the team was going to think about it, decide which two to keep, and then let the ones that made it know. We didn’t hear anything all week, so we assumed that he didn’t make it. Disappointing, but coming in at 11th out of 70-odd kids in their division was still something to be proud of.

And then we got the call tonight letting us know that Little Mad had indeed made the team. They play for the county championship after Thanksgiving, so hopefully it goes well!

How are you guys doing? Anything new (and hopefully nonshitty) to report?


26 thoughts on “Baby Girl Got It

  1. Oh shit. (pun intended.) I have been fighting with Wee One as she’s exploring things during poopy diaper changes. If there’s no poop, I let her go to town. I actually look away to give her a bit of privacy. But when there’s poop I insist on cleaning things first.
    On another note, “Poop or chocolate?” is a game a girlfriend and I play with our littles. 🙂

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  2. I remember when Crash was an infant poop would explode from his diaper. It would be up his back to his shoulderblades! DW would strip him, wipe him down as best she could with lots and lots and lots of wipes then put him in the tub. This always happened at 2:45. She had to be at work at 3. Thank god we’re out of that phase now.

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