Things Kids Say Thursday: A Haircut And Poop

Little Man’s hair has been getting shaggy again, and he’s resisted getting a trim for the last few months. I hadn’t gotten one in several months, either (although this was more of a not making time than not wanting one), so I made appointments for us to go in yesterday.

“How short do you want to go?” I asked LM before we went into the shop. His hair was nearly in his eyes when he didn’t sweep it to the side and was covering his ears. He had mentioned wanting to grow it out long again, but that went out the window when I used the blow dryer on his hair last week.

LM shrugged. “I dunno. I just know that I don’t want it covering my ears anymore. I’m getting tired of not being able to hear anyone.”

I frowned. “I’m pretty sure that your hair isn’t causing hearing loss.” Maybe Princess Leia can get away with that excuse, but not him.


“That’s gotta be it,” LM insisted. “You guys always say I don’t listen, and my hair is over my ears, so that’s gotta be what the problem is.”

I chuckled. “I think that’s called being eight. Or having ADHD. I don’t think we can blame the hair just yet.”

“We’ll see.”

So far that little theory of his hasn’t panned out. The distant looks and “Huh? What’d you say?” have still happened since that trim. Maybe the haircut just needs a little time to kick in.

Now for the girl…

Baby Girl has developed the habit of sticking her hands down her diaper lately. When I started to change her diaper today, she attempted to stuff her hand down her diaper before I could undo the sides.

“No, Baby Girl, don’t put your hand in there. That poop is nasty,” I told her, making a face.

She looked pissed — who am I to tell a two-year-old tyrant what to do?

“Mommy, that MY poop. That MY stinky butt. I do it.”



25 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: A Haircut And Poop

  1. Yeah, man, get your own poop! When my youngest was that age, she got ticked at her sister and decided to wipe her diaper poop all over her battery operated My Little Pony carousel. I hated that toy. It was like – that was very very BAD. Sorry – has to be thrown out. Darn. I think her sister was just impressed she had actually done it. MOM look what she DID?

    Never leave a mad two-year-old alone for two minutes. Lesson learned.

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    • Hahaha absolutely. Sam and I were talking about the presidential election, and he chimes in knowing all sorts of stuff. We were like how do you know anything about this? He said his MawMaw had the news on in the background and he heard it. So he hears what he wants to hear for sure!

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  2. Being 8 and ADHD…. we have one of those, except he’s 9. The listening skills are the same, though. I can’t hear me yelling to turn the electronics off, but he can hear me whisper ice cream from two floors up. And BG has a point.. it is her mess…

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  3. Wouldn’t be great if we could get away with the things kids get away with. Sometimes I would like to lie down on the floor and just have a total screaming fit. Ahh to be a kid again.


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