Things Kids Say Thursday: I Want A Panking

A few days ago, I was in the tub finishing getting Baby Girl cleaned up when Sam came in to get her. She does not like leaving the tub, no matter how cold the water is. When Little Man was small, he’d get “sugary” (toddler talk for “shivery”) quickly, and would get out without coaxing or tantrums. Not the girl. Even though she announces that her fingers are “wankled” (wrinkled) and the water is frigid (to me), she doesn’t want to leave.

“Look Daddy, I swimming!” she told him when she saw the towel. She stretched out on her belly and thrashed her arms and legs in the water, splashing water everywhere and giggling. “Swimming, swimming!” she sang.

He laughed and teased her, “Better stop that splashing and get out, or you’re gonna get a panking!” Panking is his word for “spanking.” No, the kids don’t get spankings (so no chiming in with “You guys suck because you spank!” No “You guys suck because you aren’t strict enough” either). He’s said it forever, always jokingly, and just shrugs when I ask him why the heck he says that, as baby talk is annoying to me.

Judging from Baby Girl’s response, this must have been the first time she heard “panking.” (Or the first time she registered it as a new word.)

“Oooh, okay, Daddy. I get out, I want a panking!”

We cracked up. “Daddy was just kidding, Baby Girl, there are no pankings,” he told her.

“No, I want a panking, Daddy! I eat it! Okay? I hungry.”

“Uh…okay.” He looked to me for help.

“I guess you better go find a panking.” I’m not much for helping.

He dried her off and took her to the kitchen. When I got out, I found out that he’d decided that the blueberry cereal bars were pankings. She was happy with that. And every day since, she’s asked us for a panking. Even at soccer practice, which got a couple of odd looks.

Are there any silly words your family uses that leave outsiders scratching their heads?


31 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: I Want A Panking

  1. Haha! That’s funny! When I read the title, I thought, “Spanking? Pancake? Aching?” trying to figure out what was going on. Kids are so funny! My daughter is obsessed with mac and cheese right now. She usually eat whatever we’re eating and I made some crockpot mac and cheese last week. Ever since then she’s wanted mac and cheese every meal everyday.

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  2. Your story reminds me of my mom. Every time me brother and I refused to go to bed, my mom would say, “You better go to bed or I’m going to get out my yardstick.” We’d scurry upstairs fast and I don’t think we even knew what a yardstick was. I’ve never gotten a panking a day in my life.

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  3. My daughter would tantrum getting into the bath, be in there for over an hour, then tantrum getting out of the bath. Neither my wife and I could win, she’s still like that and she’s almost 10 now. I understand the appeal with baby-talk, however I never spoke to her like that…..that was all my wife doing the baby talk. Her funny word was “pooka bots” for polka dots.

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