Things Kids Say Thursday: Bye Felicia…Er, Daddy

Have I ever mentioned that Baby Girl is a mama’s girl? Only half a million times?

When Sam asks BG to go somewhere with him — usually in an effort to give me a break from “Mommy do it” — she is rarely receptive, unless he mentions going to Walmart.

“Bye, Daddy,” she’ll say, as if she’s the one calling the shots.

“Come on, Baby Girl, don’t you want to ride to town with Daddy?” he’ll push.

“BYE, DADDY. BYE.” She gives him a dismissive wave as she turns her back to him.


Am I too old to say, “Damn, that’s cold”? Because it is.

That happens quite a bit. And, yep, all hell breaks loose when he picks her up and takes her anyway.

Last night, I was attempting to take a bath and read a book on my phone. Y’all know about how well that goes when you have kids or a spouse with no sense of boundaries. About 10 minutes into reading John Grisham’s Sycamore Row (I discovered last week that my library has e-books they loan out, hallelujah!), the French doors to my bathroom flew open.

“Mommy! Hey, Mommy! Whatcha doing in he-uh?”

Dammit. I forgot to lock the bedroom door. Locking the bathroom door is useless, but the bedroom door does offer a layer of protection until someone uses his library card to open the door.

Sam was a few steps behind.

“Come on, BG, let’s leave Mommy alone for a little while and let her take a bath.”

“No!” she shook her head. “I gon’ get in! Take a bath! Bubbles! I want Mommy!”

Sam tried again, which prompted Baby Girl to screech and throw herself on the ground. Such a relaxing atmosphere.

I sighed. Whatever. She hadn’t had a nap today, was tired and cranky, and playing in the tub with me would tide her over peacefully until bedtime. And since I’m the one who does bedtime, and since it’d been yet another long day, I preferred an easy bedtime. So, I broke the Never Give In To A Toddler’s Tantrum Or You’ll Be Forever Doomed rule and told Sam to put her in.

The tears immediately dried up. “Yay! I gon’ get in with Mommy! Take a bath, play, BUBBLES!” she squealed. (FYI, there were no bubbles, other than the ones she made.)

After Sam put her in with me, she gave him a look that said “get the hell out.”

“BYE, Daddy. You go out and go in they-uh,” she motioned towards our bedroom. “You not in he-uh. Go on. BYE.”

Yep, we’re in for it.

This popped up after publishing:


Yay, two years on this blog and 500 posts in the same week 🙂


26 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: Bye Felicia…Er, Daddy

  1. Trust me when I say…enjoy it while its happening…it can all change in a moments notice…she may change her mind and not want anything to do with mommy… are fickle little creatures and have no concept of anyone else’s feeling other than there own…..I learned all this from experience….many a tear I have shed over the fact the child wanted nothing to do with me one day and then the next I was there best friend….kids….love the bye daddy story of the tub…


  2. DD once kicked her father in the nuts one morning when he asked her to modify her starfish pattern in our bed – “Dada, this-a notta you bed. This-a MY bed and mama bed”. She was very disgruntled that he got to share a bed with me and he didn’t.

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