Things Kids Say Thursday: Hi There, Bulba!

One thing I decided to do with Baby Girl was to teach her the proper terms for her anatomy when she asked. No more wee-wees, pee-pees, hoo-has, or junk. As much as I hate using the right terms (I was raised calling my bits a petunia blossom, after all), I’ve read all the articles about how it’s important to use the right words for reasons you can look up on your own.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, Baby Girl has had quite the vocabulary explosion in recent weeks. Maybe months at this point. At any rate, she’s talking a lot. (And a lot of it is intelligible.) And she wants to know what everything is. As such, earlier this week I was finally obligated provided with the opportunity to teach her what’s what.

“Mommy, what’s dat?” Baby Girl asked, as she took notice of a new-to-her body part.

“That’s your vulva,” I told her.

“Bulba?” she asked.

Image result for sebulba

“Bulba,” not “Shebulba.”

“Right, vulva,” I said.

At that, she stood up and bent over to get a better look.

“Wow-ee! Cool!” Baby Girl exclaimed. “Hi there, bulba!” she said, while waving at it. I laughed so hard.

A few days later, I gather that little boys aren’t the only ones obsessed with their stuff. (I’m not obligated to using the proper terms on my blog.)


25 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: Hi There, Bulba!

  1. Hee. We’ve got the same thing here, except that my conversation began with Littler coming up and pointing at me and saying, “There’s Mommy’s penis!” He got a brief verbal overview then.

    Actually, as I type this, I recall another recent exchange. Littler was airing out between diapers and I happened to glance over at him. I said to Anthony, “Man, testicles are weird.” Following which, Littler grabbed his and say, “Deez my testicles!” I should’ve known he’d know. 🙂

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  2. OMG I love this! DD told her father he had a ‘venus’ and she had a ‘gina’. But now that she’s at the sex ed year at school, she is incredibly smug that she knows all the right terms. We’ve been open and straight about everything, and I hope it means she is better armed to make decisions and choices about her own body going forward.

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  3. Oh, sorry, I should introduce myself first before leaving such a comment… I’m Momma and I blog about my motherly thoughts and experiences, about homeschooling and being an expat and about everything that comes to my mind. Find you at Niki’s September Meet & Greet and loved this post. It still makes me giggle.

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