Weekend Coffee Share: Not Cat Poop, Not A Flood, And Not Quite Preschool

If we were having coffee, I would shock you by fixing myself a cup of coffee. Yeah, you read that right — Mrs. Coffee Hater over here just might have a cup. One of my goals this year was to learn to like something new, and coffee was high on that list, as I absolutely love the smell of it, but hated the taste. I set out to find a coffee that wasn’t too bitter. Mission accomplished. It’s a Green Mountain breakfast blend with loads of creamer, but it’s still coffee.

Screenshot 2016-09-04 at 10.31.40 AM

I’m not sure how often I’ll be drinking, since the caffeine made me jittery as hell (I looked it up and it’s three times the amount in a can of Coke, which I usually consume much more slowly), but it’ll be nice to have one every once in a while and not always have to order hot chocolate at Starbucks. I also bought some herbal tea to help with sleep so I can kick my Ambien habit and a mocha latte K-cup pack that comes with creamer. (So that’s TWO things for the yearly goal.) I was looking up the name of the mocha latte so I could be lazy and not have to get up, and this is what Google told me.

Screenshot 2016-09-04 at 10.11.42 AM

It’s not that. It’s Gevalia brand. And they’re froth packets, not creamer. Thanks for making me get my ass off the couch and ruining my laziness, Google.

Now you’re up to date on my coffee adventures.

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that our dog came home on Wednesday. He has to stay on crated bed rest for a month, aside from going out to use the bathroom, per the vet, but we set up Baby Girl’s old play yard for him, so he has more space. He’s getting around well when we take him out to use the bathroom. He wanted to run and go after a dog that came in the yard on Friday, so that’s a good sign.

Screenshot 2016-09-04 at 10.31.20 AM

Did y’all see the news about Hurricane Hermine? We were supposed to get 9 inches in my part of South Carolina, had flood watches and all that, so I kept LM home from school on Friday. The other districts around us had announced early dismissal, but not ours, of course. We live quite a ways away from the school, so rather than risk getting caught in a flash flood, I kept him home. There were no flash floods, and barely a couple inches of rain the last I checked, thankfully, but you can bet LM was happy to get a four-day weekend!

LM starts soccer on Monday. And Baby Girl starts her Mommy’s Morning Out thing at the preschool on Wednesday. Big week! The school had orientation on Thursday night, and one little boy hit BG and made her cry because he wanted her toy. The kid ended up being the grandson of the teacher who paddled me in elementary school (I didn’t do anything wrong, but that’s a story for another day). I told Sam that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I know that sort of thing will happen, though. I was surprised that as assertive as BG is with LM (she’ll clobber him if he gets in her face or takes something from her), that she cried. (The kid’s mom scolded him and made him say sorry, in case you’re wondering.)

Hmm…what else? I’m sure you don’t want to hear about grocery shopping yesterday, or watching lots of college football this weekend, so I’m going to stop here. Have a good weekend!

What’s been going on with you this week?

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster.


23 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Not Cat Poop, Not A Flood, And Not Quite Preschool

  1. While growing up, I was allergic to coffee. Guess cos of the caffeine content but as adult I’m perfect with that. My preference though is always tea. Poor little thing. Hope it goes better soon.good to know that the storm wasn’t as much. Stay safe you all!

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  2. Glad your pup is doing well! I live in Virginia and the meteorologist spoke of the storm as a real buzz killer however it rained Friday night accompanied by a little wind, then it was over. Which I suppose I should not complain about. I prepared (as you did with LM) to be stuck in the house but that wasn’t neccessary! LOL

    Have a great week! I really enjoyed having coffee with you!

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  3. We got about 4 inches of rain from Hermine, and our district was the last in the area to announce early dismissal. We needed it, too, or I wouldn’t have been able to get home (Our neighborhood streets are low-lying and flood easily; the homes are on high ground. Go figure.).

    I’ve also been watching season 13 of NCIS on Netflix as well as keeping Smokey company since he injured himself.

    And now that I’ve put off all my usual weekend teaching work, I’ve got to do it today.

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  4. We have sunshiny weather up here. 70 degrees with a cool breeze. I’m loving it! The boys start school on Wednesday. So this is their last non-school night! This is my third day without a Coke but I’m really craving one right now. That lemonade just didn’t do the trick. Enjoy the “mommy’s day out” on Wednesday!

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