Mommy Do It

My daughter has an obsession. That obsession’s name is “Mommy.”

At first, I was flattered. Whenever she’d fuss over my husband trying to rock her to sleep at night and ask for me, I smirked at him. “She likes me better,” I’d tease, as if it were a competition. Just like Little Man, who often told Sam that he loved me a lot more than him or anyone else when he was 2 and 3 and too young to quite understand that hurt his dad’s feelings, Baby Girl thinks I’m the best thing since sliced bread.

Sounds awesome right?

It was.

But, eventually, when you’re the one who is called on to do absolutely everything in the world and rarely get a break, it’s loses its appeal.

“I pooped!” she’ll announce. Sam will grab a diaper to try to change her, to which Baby Girl will loudly say, “Mommy do it!” And, unless you want to risk poop on your hands, you don’t change a toddler with thighs like an Olympic weightlifter who doesn’t want to be changed.

How about being fed?

“Mommy do it!”


“Mommy do it!”


“Mommy do it!”

The same goes for being rocked at night, having her hair combed, her teeth brushed, her clothes and shoes put on (or taken off), being read to, having a cup of milk poured, being carried anywhere…you get the picture. Whatever it is that needs to be done, I’m the only person in a 100 mile radius that is capable of performing the task.

My smirks are gone now. I no longer gloat to Sam that I’m both kids’ favorite parent. In fact, some days I wish Baby Girl would switch loyalties…or at least become diplomatic like LM, who says he loves us equally (with a very discreet wink in my direction), which would balance things out a bit without a shit fit happening when Sam does take charge on the rare occasion (those occasions aren’t poops).


35 thoughts on “Mommy Do It

  1. N. says:

    She sounds adorable, but I completely understand your wish for her to be more diplomatic! Lilly is the same way and it makes it really hard to get away when she’s literally attached to my leg while I’m trying to make my escape 😂

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  2. My husband was always jealous of our oldest daughters unquaking obsession with me. All the time I would say, no really, it’s exhausting! Now our youngest daughter is 100% daddy obsessed…and he gives me that look that I understand all too well…can daddy have a break???

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  3. I had to laugh reading your post because my little ones are 6 and 3 and sometimes my 6 year old wants daddy, but so very rarely. They can be right beside Daddy and I can be in another room and they will seek me out to help them with something Daddy could have done from right there so much faster. Some days it can feel like an exhausting kind of a love, but it is hard not to love it! Great post.


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