Funny Friday: That’s No Jesus

My mother-in-law is someone who’s big on Facebook. She shares lots of stuff. She shares my stuff, stuff from a relative she hasn’t seen or spoken to in years, recipes, and every over-the-top religious and political meme she comes across. MIL wasn’t always this way — in fact, she regularly complained about the amount of sharing some of her friends did — but now she’s one of those folks who clutters timelines.

Last night (well, a few weeks ago now, since this post got stuck in draft purgatory), I was rocking Baby Girl to sleep and after she dozed off, I started scrolling through stuff on Facebook on my phone. I came across one post that nearly rendered the 45-minute sleep ritual worthless.

It was this:


When I saw that in the midst of a slew of stuff she’d posted, I scrolled past at first. And then I realized that I had missed something. I went back to that particular meme and gave it a look. Guilting people into sharing this crap. *Rolls eyes* Hey that guy’s cloak looks familiar…OH WAIT, it’s Obi Wan!

Cue the Muttly laugh.

It got worse when Sam peeked over my shoulder to see why I was Muttley laughing. When he started laughing, it made me laugh even harder, to the point that I was shaking and had tears rolling down my face.

Miracle of miracles, Baby Girl did not wake up. Bump a toy car on the way to her crib? She wakes up. Creek in the floor? She wakes up. Mama and Daddy are dying with laughter and she’s being moved around? She sleeps.


There was a year in there where we assumed that my MIL had quit posting on Facebook. We’d see her occasionally like or comment on our things, but never saw anything from her in my feed. When I stopped to drop off the kids one day, I found that her vow of silence on her Facebook timeline wasn’t intentional.

“I’ve had it with everyone on Facebook!” she told me. “Today I posted something about it being the anniversary of my father’s death, and you’d think someone could at least like it, but nope!” Her cheeks were flushed she was so angry.

“Oh, no. I didn’t see that, I’m sorry,” I said. “You know, the Facebook feed shows so much stuff, so it’s hard for people to keep up with everything that gets posted.”

“I post stuff about my grandkids, cute things, and recipes all the time, and no one likes it. NO ONE,” she informed me. “I know people might not see everything, but none of my friends or family ever comments on anything. And I’m getting sick of liking and commenting on their stuff if they don’t care enough about me to do the same.”

My MIL has a tendency to exaggerate things, so I was a bit skeptical that she was posting so much stuff since I hadn’t seen anything from her in forever. “Literally no one comments or likes your stuff ever? Or just not often?”

“Never!” she snapped. She sighed. “Maybe I’ve got a virus or something on Facebook. You know how hackers are. Will you take a look at it for me?” She handed over the tablet.

After pulling up her Facebook page, I saw very quickly why there were no comments or likes — her posts were locked, so she was the only one who could see them. I scrolled through for a bit and saw that had been the case for at least several months. There was all sorts of stuff, wishing her grandkids happy birthday, asking for prayers for an illness, telling her sons that she loved them, etc.

“MIL…you have your posts locked. No one but you can even see them.”

“Do what?” she asked, peering over my shoulder.

“See the lock icon? That means that you’re the only person who can see what you posted. No one else can. So no one was ignoring you, it’s just that they couldn’t see the posts…”

“Well how did that happen?”

If only I had a nickel for every time she asked that after messing up something on one of her tech devices.

Got any Facebook funnies to share?



28 thoughts on “Funny Friday: That’s No Jesus

  1. Haha, I do love that meme 🙂 My MIL would probably think it was sincere as well. But then, you’ll have that. Like Abraham Lincoln said, You can’t believe everything you see on the interwebz.

    I HATE when people share my pictures. Seriously, who are you to share pictures of my kids?! But then, they don’t understand the settings, so no one who shouldn’t sees them anyway. Bah.

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  2. I’m dying because this is my mother, 100%. She’s always taking things too personally on FB if not enough people comment or like it. She also posts like every hour on the hour. My dad went through a phase of liking nude models photos or something and I was like, “You do realize we can see that you’ve liked it, right?” hahah

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  3. To be fair to your MIL, my very tech-savvy wife had that lock thing happen to her last month. She had tagged me in something and asked later if I’d like it as a present. I asked what she was talking about. Found all her posts were locked, too; thankfully, it’d only been that way for a day or two.

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  4. I did the same thing on the WordPress Reader. I was lazily scrolling, saw the passive aggressive meme, got annoyed and scrolled past and then something in brain went…click… WAIT A MINUTE… That is great. 🙂

    I’m not on Facebook. It would make me crazy to see what people who are related to me are doing and posting all the time. I’m an internet hermit. I like it that way. 😉

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  5. The force isn’t so strong with that one. In all fairness, the watermark does say “A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away”. Or perhaps Obi is Jesus? He does rise from the dead to talk to Luke.

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