Things Kids Say Thursday: The Ten Commandments

Around the start of summer vacation, Little Man and Baby Girl went to VBS at a church we used to regularly attend. When I’d pick up LM each day, he’d tell me what they did, and the lesson for one of the days went over The Ten Commandments. Spying an opportunity for something cute to include in my Things Kids Say posts, I grabbed a pen and piece of paper to write down what he said.

But then I lost the paper and y’all had to read about other cute things he/Baby Girl did or said.

And then I found it today, which is great timing.

So, The Ten Commandments, according to Little Man:

  1. No stealing. [Good…]
  2. Don’t remarry. [Sounds like all of your grandparents are screwed.]
  3. No killing people. [Also good…]
  4. Obey your parents. [Heck yeah.]
  5. Sing a song about God every day. [If that’s what floats your boat, sure.]
  6. No kicking people out of the country. [For the sake of not going political here, no comment.]
  7. No choking people. Or wrestling. [Well, half of that you definitely shouldn’t do.]
  8. Let as many babies (what he calls stuffed animals) sleep in your bed as you want. [Suggesting that I’m defying God’s law by not letting you keep 252 stuffed animals in your bed won’t cut it.]
  9. Admit that science makes you smarter. [Since I’m not going political, I’ll skip the obvious joke that could be made here.]
  10. Treat people nicely by throwing them parties. [That’s not very subtle, LM.]

20 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: The Ten Commandments

  1. This is so cute, Little Man and Baby Girl are so precocious. It reminds me of my son when he was about to receive his First Communion. They had to write a letter to Jesus about the ten commandments. He did that and as I read it after he signed it there was a P.S. and it said. Please say hello to your mother Mary Christ for me.
    I asked him why he wrote Mary Christ. He told me that was her last name. Jesus Christ, mother Mary Christ. :o)

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  2. Yeah, I can see how strangling and killing others would be frowned upon. But I’m pretty sure wrestling isn’t so bad… Unless, of course, it leads to strangling or killing. I’m which case, that could also be a problem. 😛

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  3. My youngest daughter would definitely go for the hundreds of stuffed animals in the bed. As far as politics – just wait! My kids did a mock election in the 2nd grade, and I was hearing about how kids thought Obama was a Muslim terrorist and was that true and all sorts of stuff! From seven-year-olds! Last year one of my youngest’s friends carried a book about Donald Trump around like a Bible. No kid should carry a book about ANY politician. It’s just WRONG.

    I do believe I like his version of the Commandments best, though.

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