Bagging Pokemon

As I mentioned in a post about pranks Little Man wanted to play, my mother-in-law has been the target of pranks and general teasing from the rest of the family because of her gullibility and hilarious reactions. (No, we’re not a bunch of assholes. It’s all in good fun, and she gets in her licks as well.)

Tonight that reputation for joking around backfired a bit. Sam called his mom on the speakerphone on our way home from our date night to check on the kids. She asked him what we’d been doing, and Sam told her that we’d had dinner, went Pokemon hunting in our small downtown area, then went to the town over for ice cream and did some more Pokemon hunting while we were there.

You know what those cubes mean? Willingly exercising.

“Oh, stop it,” she said. You could practically hear her eyes rolling over the phone.

“Stop what?” Sam asked.

“You know what. Y’all didn’t go catching Pokemons.” I assumed she was either giving us shit about being adults playing Pokemon Go or just thought he was lying, thinking it is only a kid’s game.

“Yes, we did,” Sam said.

“Y’all did not!” she responded.

“Well, E did. I was just along for the ride,” he told her.

“Oh, really?” she asked, with a hint of derision to her voice. “Well, where’d E put them? In her bag?”

Realizing that she didn’t know what Pokemon Go was and thought Sam was feeding her a load about catching “real” Pokemon (she knows Little Man likes the show and collects the cards), I started snickering.

A (somewhat blurry) photo Little Man took catching a Pokemon on Baby Girl.


“I guess E’s just been walking all over [our town] with little Pokemon in her bag.” There was no stifling my laughter now.

“Her bag? No, Mom, on her phone. It’s a game.”

“Sure. Like you can catch something on your phone,” she said. Lord, Jesus. Considering how much stuff she likes and reshares on Facebook, I have no idea how it escaped her that this game existed.

“Mom, just ask Little Man. E downloaded the game for him at first, but now she probably plays it more than he does. She goes around throwing little balls at the creatures that appear in the streets.” This did not help convince her that he was being truthful. She sighed loudly, obviously thinking that Sam was still trying to pull one over on her.

In the background, Sam’s stepfather yelled out that he’d seen something on the news about people getting mugged while playing the game. “Well, whatever. That just sounds ridiculous,” she finally said.

After he checked to make sure that we didn’t need to relieve her and pick up the kids and bring them home instead of letting them spend the night, Sam hung up and we had a good chuckle over the idea of me running around on the streets throwing balls at monsters and sticking them in my purse.

Have you put any Pokemons in your bag lately?


20 thoughts on “Bagging Pokemon

  1. Haha! When I talked to my mother Friday, I was driving home from work and she was alarmed. I said it was fine, I was crawling through traffic and I had her on speaker. She said she hated to nag me, but you never know what craziness people are into while they’re driving. “People die catching Pokey-mans!” she said. So yeah.

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