Things Kids Say Thursday: He Go Night Night

One of Baby Girl’s favorite things to do is read. At the end of almost every day, we’ll have a pile of books in the floor to put back on the shelf. In fact, today was her first trip to the library. It was a risky move, taking that wild child into a place where people are expected to be quiet and not-wild. She was mesmerized by all of the books, though, and didn’t even fuss when she couldn’t hold the Batman that was on display. (That’s really saying something about the power of books.)

Sometimes when we’re reading, Baby Girl will make little comments about the pictures that cracks up Sam and me. One thing that comes up a lot is saying that one of the characters “go night-night,” when that’s not remotely what’s going on. We know that she doesn’t know any better and that it looks like that’s the case, of course, but sometimes the absurdity of thinking the character has spontaneously fallen asleep makes us giggle.

Here are a few narcoleptic characters we’ve come across lately:

This is Ladybug Girl, who appears in Ladybug Girl and Bumblebee Boy. In the midst of her superhero duties, she went night-night on this little ride-on toy (not exactly the best thing to get a good night’s sleep on). Perhaps an ER deductible is in her future?

Minnie Mouse went night-night, too. Having a hairbow party really takes a lot out of a person. Or maybe she was just bored to death. Lord knows I would be.

This is from a pop-up book about tales from the Bible. This particular picture goes with the story of the Good Samaritan. Apparently what happened here was someone went night-night on the side of the road and no one would stop to help except for that one guy.

In addition to going night-night, this is also another of my Doppelgangers. Sam said that it looked like I’d had too much fun the night before.

This is from our favorite book to read, The Mine-o-Saur. It’s about a little wild dinosaur who doesn’t share. At one point, after being a little asshole and taking stuff from his classmates several times, the other dinosaurs turn their backs on him go in full shun mode, which Baby Girl thinks is the other dinosaurs going night-night. “We’ll show him…group snoozefest in 1…2…3!”

On another note, Little Man said that maybe BG is so wild because I’ve read this to her so many times. Sigh.

What’s your favorite kid’s book?

Thought I’d mention that we got a couple of these books in the mail — for free — from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. Check out the info to sign up here if you have a child under age five; they get a free book every month.


28 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursday: He Go Night Night

  1. We have so many favorites. Thanks for the library reminder. We have 10 books to return tomorrow! They were due yesterday. “Book With No Pictures”, “Good Night Good Night Construction Site, “Steam Train Dream Train”, and the “Knuffle Bunny” trilogy are some of our faves.

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    • Those libraries like to get you with the fines. That’s why I usually buy books over going to the library because I always forget and rack up so many fines 😀

      Love the Knuffle Bunny, that’s a favorite around here, too.

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      • Our library is only little and they know us well. As long we get the books the books sometime around the time they’re due we’re okay. Only once did they charge us, but that was because Bang totally wrecked a book.


  2. Fabulous connections she’s making 🙂
    To name a favorite is too hard. One Fish Two Fish, all of Pooh, In God’s Name, Rosy’s Walk, No David!, Bad Kitty, Giraffes Can’t Dance, everything Ramona, okay, maybe everything Beverly Cleary.

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  3. Narcolepsy everywhere! Good stuff!
    I have a version of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod we love, and my son loves In the Night Kitchen. When we’re feeling a bit more twisted we turn to Creepy Carrots, The Dark, and Black Rabbit.


  4. I actually sell kids books and legit cannot pick a fave! I want to buy them all! One we read a lot is called Animally. It says things like, “I love you hugely like a whale. I love you gently like a quail.” And so on, naming all these animals. And of course we love the classics like Goodnight Moon and If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! 😀

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  5. You may notice that I’m liking and/or commenting on older posts, I’ve been pretty MIA lately, so I’m catching up on my favorite blogs while I have a little bit of time! Thanks for sharing the Dolly Parton link, I’m definitely going to check it out!

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