Things Kids Say Thursdays: Pranks

Earlier this week, Little Man told me he wanted to play a prank on Sam’s mother. His mom is fun to mess with since she believes pretty much everything and her reaction is hilarious. He had recently acquired fake dog poop and a crawling toy cockroach, so we talked about how he could get her with those items. After thinking about it for a bit, he told me he had some new ideas:

  1. Call MawMaw and tell her that Baby Girl got a shot at the doctor’s office, which she had an allergic reaction to and she had to go to the hospital.
  2. Tell her that Daddy had a heat stroke after staying outside too long. (LM often believes he is having heat strokes.)
  3. Tell her that Daddy had a lemonade stand set up outside, and when he went to take a drink of lemonade, it turns out a butterfly cocoon had fallen into his cup, which he drank.


We then had a talk about what’s appropriate to joke about.

LM ended up going to his MawMaw’s and telling her he had to do a number two really bad. After he went into the bathroom, he called her for help, telling her “I missed!” She went in there to see the fake turd beside the toilet and freaked the fuck out. Well done, kid!


17 thoughts on “Things Kids Say Thursdays: Pranks

  1. Sister had to go to the hospital! It’s funny! Lol I love their ideas of jokes. My kids (naturally) use sarcasm which I’ve had to explain is fine around me, but sometimes other people (like their grandparents, etc) get somewhat annoyed by it. Especially when you comment through their entire TV show.

    Oh wow if I’d had this when mine were little, I would never stop posting their stuff. It’s still funny now, but when they were little it was even crazier.

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