The Birthday Girl

“Babies sure don’t last long, do they?” Little Man commented recently when we were talking about his sister’s upcoming birthday.

“Not long at all,” I remarked, thinking that he sounded much older than his eight years.

“They come home tiny little babies and before you know it, they’re toddlers, running all over the place and biting people!”

The biter Baby Girl’s second birthday is today. Last year, I wrote about her birth storyΒ here. Even though she still has a lot of babyish aspects (including getting that one bottle and still sleeping in her little sleep sack), there’s no mistaking that she’s a legit toddler now and just a few steps away from leaving all that baby stuff behind.

We don’t have any big plans for her birthday aside from getting together with some family and friends for dinner at her favorite restaurant (and by “favorite,” I mean one of the few restaurants where we can find something she’ll eat). Considering that she won’t care about anything beyond eating cake and ripping the wrapping paper off gifts, that should be plenty.

She’s big into Batman (aka Battan) right now, so she’s getting a Dark Knight themed birthday party. I never would’ve thought in a million years that I’d be doing Batman stuff for my toddler daughter!

We gave her a play kitchen this morning, which she loved, and we saved a stuffed Batman doll for tonight, since that’s a little easier to carry into a restaurant.

So, happy two years, Baby Girl! I’m lucky to get to call you my daughter. ❀


31 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl

  1. Love the turd prank…I agree well done!!! Two years old…hummm I just sat at a pub with my little girl (39) and drank beer and listened to her husband play guitar blues for a couple hours….enjoy it sister, time frigin flies…it will be batman today and a bottle of wine for birthday tomorrow… that sounds bad…but you get my drift…LOL Happy birthday little one….stay innocent and cute for long as possible…..!!!! kat

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  2. One daughter had a Thomas the Tank Engine (thank God those days are over) birthday for her second. The youngest was so crazy about Star Wars that her 7th birthday was Star Wars themed. She had almost as much fun as her father, who has two girls. I remember she had a stuffed Darth Vader that she put in a baby doll high chair. Poor Vader.

    Your little girl is so cute. And yeah it seems like my 12 and 16 year olds were two not so long ago. Happy birthday, Norah. Cute name too.

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